Broken Heart? Or Not!

So just moments ago a HUGE weight was lifted from my shoulders the truly brought tears to my eyes and I wanted to hug my new doctor!  See back in July I had a sleep study done and I had an anomaly show up with my heart rate.  So the sleep technician told me at the followup appointment.  They stressed the importance of me getting into see a cardiologist ASAP and listed off a few tests they thought I would need.

I was scared.  I had ignored so many things throughout my life… “What’s the worst that could happen” right?  I thought about all the heart problems that have been part of my family, I thought about how far I had come in my weight loss.  I thought about how I used to be at risk for a heart attack because I was so obese, and how now I was risking one because I was becoming so fit.  They scared me!

As I sat with my new BFF my cardiologist he looked over the paperwork I brought along, and he said, he “really liked what he saw”  I was normal.  My heart was doing exactly what it should do.  Heart rates get lower when you sleep.  A well toned healthy heart is what I have.  We spoke about my cardio level, and the amount of time I like to workout for.  The intensity that I like to workout at is okay, as long as I can maintain a conversation my heart rate can be wherever it ends up!

I asked about potential future issues, and was told that unless my resting heart rate dips to about 30 when I am awake, and it starts to stop for like 5 seconds when I am asleep we don’t need to follow this up again.  No mention of needing a special diet, no mention of me being so fat, nothing!

The stress and anxiety from the last few days is melting away as I sip my coffee and reflect on how far I have come.  Thank you to everyone who sent good vibes, prayers, thoughts, cheers, calming messages, texts, tweets etc. It really did help me through this.  You had to know my stress level was at epic proportions last night when I cleaned for 6 hours!!!

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