Guess Who’s Back

At 5:30 this morning my alarm beeped at me, it wasn’t a wake up alarm like most normal people. It is my are you at the gym or on your way alarm. My evening reminder that I need to move my body.
Since getting the news from the cardiologist that I am cleared to resume activity on Monday… I had yet to test my limits. I knew Wednesday would be the day. Usually I get to the YWCA about 6:15 on Wednesday for water aerobics… Not this time.
The excuses are gone. My heart is strong and it has reinforced my mind. I know now what needs to be done. I know what I want and how far I am willing to go to attain my goals.
Shortly after 5:30 my membership card was scanned at the front desk and with my Polar Heart Rate Monitor on I climbed the stairs to the cardio area. Today would not be an elliptical day. Oh no, the eyes are back on my desire to run. My body wants to be like everyone else. Diseases and difficulties be damned, I am pushing for it again.
I picked my favorite treadmill, located in the weights section infront of the windows and started Week3 again.
I ran. I did my intervals like a champ! When the 28 minutes were up I wadn’t ready to stop. My obsessive nature pushed me… I dug in and rooted out and found myself finishing out 2 miles in just under 38 minutes. While I am not breaking any records I did it and I was proud.
I then headed to my class and started to feel like the old me. I miss my long workouts. The feeling like I accomplished something great, something amazing. When people would find out how much time I spent in the gym they would always be surprised. I enjoyed that surprise. It made me feel like less of a fraud at the gym, like more of an athlete. Endurance… the ability for my body to match the sheer will of my mind. I need that, it keeps me strong, it keeps me going.
So I am restarting c25k. I may end up on Week3 for six months but I am not giving up! Balancing that training with the elliptical, water aerobics, and hopefully some Zumba I will be all set for my next adventure.
Eyes on the Prize! I am back! RAWR!!!

2 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Back

  1. Way to go gal!!! That is amazing and I am so SO happy for you an your determination 🙂 My trainer picks exercises that we do and he’ll have me do a group of two or three for intervals of 30-90 seconds. So my workouts are only about 50 minutes long and then it is stretch time!! And, boy oh boy… does my body feel it. So, I can not even imagine being there as long as you are if you are doing all that you are doing. All I can say is “you go girl!!!” You ROCK!!!

    • I have only ever had one session with a personal trainer, so I pretty much have to just push myself. Someday I will get some money and have some sessions with a trainer again, and I look forward to that because I think it would truly do me a world of good. I am always enterting those biggest loser win time with a trianer contests. I could so use someone to kick my ass and work with me because of the special needs and restictions I have. I can imagine that if I were with a trainer that I wouldn’t be living in the gym for hours at a time 🙂

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