You are my Favorite!

Every few weeks on twitter I see someone tweet about drama in their gym.  Someone was witness to a fellow member having a hissyfit because they didn’t get the machine they wanted.  I have seen only one machine related meltdown in the time I have been at my gym and it was because there was only one of that particular machine.  We are adults and need to learn to share.  Lessons I would think most of us were taugh in kindergarden, even if you were an only child!

So when I head into the gym at 5:30am the people that are there lined up at the door with me all have their set machines.  I know that this woman is going tho machine 21 and that gentleman is headed over to machine 17 etc.  I don’t dare grab their machine out of respect for them.  When I started coming to the gym at that hour of the morning I looked around for a few minutes surveying the landscape.  Luckily my favorite machines are usually empty in the morning.  I have a particular elliptical of each style that I like one is open in the morning right away, one opens up 30 mins later, because there is a woman who is on it every morning.  If I were to get there first I would have every right to get onto that machine… but I don’t.  I am there long enough that I could hop onto it after she leaves.  I have a favorite treadmill that is more off to the side of the gym, I like the view out the window.

A few weeks ago I got to thinking about why I like the ellipticals that I do, and it could be the fact that it is near the tv that is tuned to either cbs or nbc in the mornings, which means I can get my news or whatever, but truly if I cared so much about that I could be watching that at home.  So as I ran on the elliptical, I looked aroung trying to figure out why I was so drawn to those machines.  They are partially infront of a mirror… I KNOW that isn’t something I like.  Infact if I could I would remove those from the gym.  Very rarely do I find a use for them, ocassionally as I run I try to look at my stride, but that is about it.  Then it dawned on me.  My ellipticals are in the front row.  No other elliptical users can be infront of me.  Mentally this makes me the leader.  This puts me ahead of the pack! I am front and center, I don’t have to worry about how fast anyone else is going I can just focus on doing my best.  I think being ahead of everyone else makes me work harder also.  I have to prove I am better than they think I am.  I know that it is all about me,and my self worth, pushing myself to be better and try harder.

Do you have a single particular machine that is your favorite?  I don’t mean I like the elliptical, I mean I like elliptical 20 not elliptical 12-20.  I will use them all, but I have my preferred ones for different reasons.  Have you ever thought about why you have a preferred machine? Do you try and step out of your comfort zone?

2 thoughts on “You are my Favorite!

  1. I have a favorite section of treadmills, bikes, and elliptical too. I like being in the front row so that I’m not comparing myself to the other people and I like being in a spot where I can focus on something in the distance. Bikes – the one in the corner where I can look out the window and if I’m there early enough at night or on a weekend, I can watch the kids playing soccer. Treadmill – the ones where I can focus on the exit sign and pretend that I’m running towards it. I don’t usually watch tv while working out, I crank my ipod and focus on my spot and try to let my mind go.

  2. This is very interesting Kris, very interesting! I like the treadmills that are at the back of the room. My reasons are twofold: First – it stays cooler back there. Second – I have a better opportunity to see people coming and going. I know a lot of people that work out at my gym and LOVE to visit. Love this post!

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