Unlocking The Code

So Thursday I had a very busy day.  It was truly for the best, I got to sit down with my dear friend Jenn and talk about a lot of things that have been plaguing the two of us lately.  Mainly we have both been stuck.  Wanting to, and at times have been throwing in the towel.  Pieces of our puzzles have been out of alignment, components have gone missing and it has just been not good!

So today we sat down at the `bou, I with my tea, as opposed to a latte (I know right?!) and we started to hash out a plan of action.  While I don’t think it is proper to share the exact contents of our entire evening long discussion that led us to walk around several stores I do want to share with you an analogy that I think helped a bit today, and it was spawned by something I use almost every day!

Unlocking Your Code To Success!

Unlocking Your Code To Success!

 You see that lock there… each of us has one.  Do you know how to open one?  Left, right, left. simple right? You have to have the right code though. Think of each number or letter as a component of your life and you have to make them work together in order to get that lock open.  So if you need 3 components to get that lock open they need to work in the right combination.  So for example you need to eat right, (whole, unprocessed, quality, calorie controlled food), you need to exercise, and you need to get enough sleep.  You have three pieces of this puzzle.  You have to get them in just the right combination to make that lock work.  It is a puzzle and you have to work to get that lock to click for you!

So if I give you the 3 keys of the 20 options on the lock you are ahead of the game.  You just need to work on finding the right order to balance them out!  We each struggle with one part of this more than another.  Break it down knowing you will eventually have to get all the pieces to line up to unlock the secret.  If food is what comes more easily to you, perhaps that is the first letter to open your lock.  Get that part down, and become comfortable with where that location is so to speak, then worry about what comes next!  Pick your next battle, the next thing to tackle, and work through the combination tackling it left and right next.  Before you know it you will be adding in that third part to pop open the lock and your keys to success will be there.  Sometimes you will have to jiggle the lock a bit, and we all know what happens when someone sees your combination, or in my case as your lock gets old, its time to reset that locks combination and shake it up!

Go into it with a plan and start with one thing to focus on at a time.  Trying to restart and refocus on every little thing at a time will likely cause a feeling of sheer overwhelm and cause you to want to quit, like I had and we just can’t have that.

So think about the components of your journey, think about where you can fine tune what you are doing.  Look into your journey and see what you can break down and focus on to find your successes too.  It is important to remember to celebrate those victories… I had gotten away from that.

I am still working my rebound… but I am on track.  Feeling strong, knowing I cn ask for help.  Ready to take on the world!

5 thoughts on “Unlocking The Code

  1. This is a fantastic post! It’s absolutely true that the keys to unlocking the code are relatively simple… it’s when our emotions come into play that it can be hard to find or remember how simple the keys are. Thank you for posting this. It’s something for me to keep in mind on days when I am struggling.

  2. Damn, you’re a smart girl.

    I am working on unlocking my code, whether I feel like I want to, or not. Started the ball rolling with Sharon yesterday, and everything will be going into action by the end of the week. For now, baby steps and planning. And drinking a whole lotta water. 🙂

    Thanks for always being there to lift me up and believe in me. And know that you’re my hero. 🙂

    Love ya!!

  3. I’m a little behind on reading blogs, but I had to stop and say how I loved this post, great metaphor! I think my combo lock is the kind with 4 numbers…but it works the same way:

    Food, Exercise, Sleep, Social Time <— if I'm lacking in any of these categories, the rest go to heck!

    I may have to post about my life-balance soon 🙂

    Love you girl 🙂

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