Growing Bottom Line

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you are getting out to enjoy some lovely autumn weather this weekend. Perhaps a haunted hayride or pumpkin patch visit, or a bonfire with friends is how you will spend your weekend. I will be working, like I generally do.
Since I had such a long day Friday… (and I am currently writing this at 4:00am waiting on a customer) I wanted to share with yall a little bit of the struggle that my particular job presents. It’s called dashboard dining.
See when I am actually on the road and it is a busy day I run into the issue of having little to no time to stop and get food. Generally I have a lunchbag in my car with things like almond butter, dried fruit, fruit leather, a few 100 calorie raw tevolution bars and jerkey in it. Things that will hold for a while… Things that here in MN might come in handy if I were to be snowed in inside my car. They are snacks, not really substantial enough for a meal, atleast not a satisfying one.
Friday was BUSY! I left home with a banana in my hand and the intention of stopping at Subway after my first delivery to grab a sandwich. Well that old saying about the best laid plans… It was several hours before I made it to Subway for food. Jen over at PriorFatGirl had a similar issue this week so I don’t feel alone in this struggle to get to my food. However in my line of work I see time and again what I call the “growing bottom line”. Simply put… We sit in our cars and our asses get fat because of things like chips, candybars, and fast food drive-thrus! Lack of exercise and poor nutrition is abundant in my job. When I finally got my Subway I was so hungry. I chugged water between bites to stop myself from inhaleing my loaded with veggies turkey sub.
I ended up logging several hundred miles Friday, taking an apple and my dinner along as I went north to Cloquet was a good plan. I am not a fan of having to eat while I drive but it is a part of my life. I am working on a plan to get better supplies for my car but until then subway is my pal… Along with any grocery store or gas station where I can get an apple or banana, hard boiled egg, or cheese stick!
I refuse to let my bottom line spread because of my job.

One thought on “Growing Bottom Line

  1. I am having the same issue.. I’m working so much that I don’t see my house for up to 36 hours at a time.. I just went grocery shopping for stuff I can easily (and somewhat healthily) microwave.. you could always try that out.. put soups into microwavable bowls and most gas stations don’t care that you use it, if you buy something..

    Just an idea.. Sounds like you got a good plan, hope you figure it all out.. 🙂

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