That Thing No One Talks About

So many of you have probably heard the best part about losing weight is getting a whole new wardrobe right? As a big girl lets face it, our selection of clothes was pretty slim.  It was the only thing slim, am I right?  The bigger you get, the fewer choices you have.  When I was topping out at 430-ish I was a 32/34W.  I don’t wish to offend anyone, but I was HUGE!

My jeans would cost more than $65.00 USD a pair.  Any normal person would need more than one pair right? So when one of those wore out, which they were prone to do fairly regularly it was expensive!  Getting tops that would fit was also a challenge.  This is why much of my wardrobe consisted of men’s pocket t-shirts.  They could be purchased fairly cheaply, were comfortable and practical.

As the weight has come off I have shrunk in sizes obviously.  However depending on how fast the weight is coming off keeping myself in clothes that make me look non-slovenly has proven to be a challenge.  There have been times when my pants have been two sizes too big!  I have shopped secondhand stores, but even those the larger sizes are often the fastest to fly off of the racks.

I am not ashamed to wear clothes someone else wore.  I know there are a lot of people who are turned off by the idea of hand me downs, or thrifting but honestly if you think about the cost to buy a new wardrobe every time you change size it get expensive.  I make purchases of key pieces that I need from places like Target and Old Navy but thankfully my friends have been so wonderful to pass on their old clothes to me.  I have gotten over my feeling guilty for saying yes when people offer me things.  My pants no longer cost $65.00 Unless I am trying to buy something fancy, they are more like $30.00 It is much more manageable, but is still an investment when you consider I am not planning on staying in this size forever.

So have you encountered this in losing weight?  Do people ask you how excited you are to get all new clothes?  I get asked all the time how much I like going shopping for all new clothes, and I just say the new clothes are awesome because they really are.  I love shopping in my friends closets, I just hope they don’t grow to resent me for taking their old stuff and not being able to pass them anything in return.  Do you have any tips for saving money while changing sizes?  Do you have a favorite thrift store find that you would like to tell me about?  I would love to hear about it!  🙂

5 thoughts on “That Thing No One Talks About

  1. Turn Style is a really great all around – there are many locations. Nu Look (50th and France) is on the other side of town for me, but has literally tons of selections, and their prices tend to be competitive. I love Everyday People and Buffalo Exchange – super trendy gorgeous clothes, but both of those are on the pricier end of the consignment world.

  2. I was dropping sizes very quickly for a while – a new, smaller pair of jeans every month! – and so I made that my weight loss reward. It felt great to walk into a store that wasn’t Lane Bryant and buy jeans in a “normal” size – not a #8 yellow square, or however they started to do that. $20-30 for one new pair of pants from Old Navy was my big splurge. Besides that, though, I have learned to love thrift stores and consignment shops. Sometimes they can be hit or miss, but I don’t want to buy a whole new wardrobe and have to replace it entirely in a few months!

  3. I’m with Sarah — I discovered Clothes Mentor last spring, and it’s awesome. They have great sales, too. There is one in Woodbury, not too far from where we do coffee, if you ever want to go. I always prefer new clothes, but I’m not fool enough to spend exorbitant amounts of money on new clothes that I won’t be able to wear for more than 6 months. I think it’s very savvy to share with friends, shop clearance, and thrift stores. I hope I can pass off some more of my old clothes soon – that was such a great feeling, even though I was left with very little to wear! 🙂

  4. Thanks to the other readers of Clothes Mentor. There’s actually one semi-close to me and I may take a ride out there. I have yet to find a consignment store in my local area that I’m totally happy with.

    Personally, I’m getting tired of shopping for a new wardrobe every few months. Most of my casual clothes from late last winter are a size too big so I can still get away wearing them. But business wardrobe will need a couple of more pieces to get my through the winter. Luckily I did keep a good amount of pieces in storage, but I need to purchase some more trendier things.

    I’ve also taken up sewing to help defer some of the cost. With clothing just being a size too big, I’ve been able to take things in and not make it look frumpy.

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