Did The Orange Monster Get You Yet?

Gossamer and Bugs Bunny in Hair-Raising Hare.

Monster On Your Back

So You made it through the last week at your office, resisting the brownies topped with candycorns. You avoided those mello-creme pumpkins right, because what exactly is that stuff?Did you run the Monster dash Saturday morning? 5k, Half-marathon, marathon? If you did I want you to give yourself a big high-5! I wished that any of the costumed 5k events in the twin cities had been on a Saturday this year because I would have loved to come out to do one of them. Sadly my job didn’t allow for switching around this weekend to get my run on. Did Saturday night prove to be harder? Did you party with friends and have a beer or two and then a slice of pizza? How about those tiny candy bars? Chips, popcorn, pretzels? I hope you managed to avoid those tricks!

So Sunday is upon us right? We are almost through this blasted sugar fueled holiday weekend right? What are you doing today to keep yourself from breaking into that candy for the trick-or-treaters. Are you refraining from buying candy at all? Have you waited until the last moment and are picking it up on the way home from work tomorrow? Are you going to be that one house on the block that gives our raisins? By the way, I loved your house as a kid! (Although I hear that sets you up to get egged which I don’t understand). I live in an apartment building, and since I moved here in 2005 not a single soul has knocked on my door. I have candy in the house, I almost always have candy in the house. Luckily I am not super into chocolate, it isn’t one of my trigger foods. I have had the same bag of Milky Way Simply Caramel bars for a while. They are about 100 calories a piece. I don’t have to feel guilty having a piece here or there as long as I am tracking what I eat.I also find it helpful to keep a copy of Hungry Girl’s Halloween candy guide 2011 around this time of year just incase I decide to indulge in a piece or two and know what I am in for. It isn’t a comprehensive list, and let’s be honest we aren’t really shoving that much candy into our mouths are we because we know just how long it takes to work off 100 calories in the gym! Remember once those kids are done ringing your doorbell on Monday night it is time to get rid of that candy if it truly is a temptation for you! There are a lot of options that don’t include making yourself a dumpster. You can cover the candy in dishsoap if you have to if that is the only way to keep you from eating it. There is also the ever popular take it to work which only increases the temptation to eat it there. You can also look around in your area for places to donate it! Locally there is a dentist buying kids candy for $1.00/pound, you can donate your candy there. Many homeless shelters, and women’s shelters will take that candy too, some schools might even take it. Another option is to donate it to our military. I know over the years I have sent countless bags of leftover candy that I collected to our troops overseas. Some is consumed but it is often distributed to people in the areas they are in to help form better relationships. Not a bad way to get rid of something you don’t really want around right?So I hope you all continue to be strong through the remainder of the kickoff of the “eating holidays” I make my return to the gym today for Week5 Day1 of #c25k today… first run since my 1mile victory. I am scared but not terrified. Should be an awesome thing to keep seeing my improvement.

Happy Halloween!

4 thoughts on “Did The Orange Monster Get You Yet?

  1. Yay, it’s Tigger! 😀

    Tried to leave you a comment on Twitter, but I was rejected (app issues, I guess) — but wanted to tell you how PROUD I am of your run today (and last week)… You’re CRUSHING it, mama! Amazing!

    This weekend I began a purge around my house… started with my kitchen, and am ready to lock in to my healthy eating plan this week. Yay me! Also will be going back for training with Sharon this week, once I get it set up (hopefully tomorrow, if she’s around). Nervous about the pain and difficulty in getting started again, but I am trying to focus on how great the results feel once I get in my groove.

    And, NO candy for Halloween. I stopped doing that several years ago. I always overbuy and over indulge, so I eliminated that food trap! Love your idea about sending to the military, though!

    • I am looking forward to hearing how things so with you hitting the gym again babe! Locking in that first piece is key so I am glad to see that you are getting into the purge mode with the kitchen.
      It is so tough getting past the pain the first few days but you will be okay, I know you have the determination to do what you need to do!

      Looking forward to the play on the 10th!

      • I’m looking forward to it, too. It already seems like forever since we hung!

        I did my first workout in what must be, jeez… SIX weeks today? It was brief, but I got my sweat on and felt good afterwards. I’m going to the gym for cardio tomorrow and Wednesday, and training starts again on Thursday, 2X’s a week. And sugar (except for a little coffee sweetener) is banished, at least for the moment. PRAY FOR ME. 😉

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