A Year in Blogging

So I will make this short…

Today is the One Year Anniversary of my blog.

It is time to put on my big girl pants and keep working towards my goal. Wait… what was that? You want to see those big girl pants? Okay!

Keep working hard, being amazing and good things will happen! Remember that “The difference between where you are and where you want to be is your commitment to getting there.” ~Michael Clapier

10 thoughts on “A Year in Blogging

  1. You truly are an asset to the blogging community! Thanks for sharing your story with us and I am looking forward to your contunied success. Happy Blogiversary Kris

  2. There goes my heroooooo …. watch her a she goes! 🙂 (I’ve been waiting for this one!)

    You are INCREDIBLE. Never quit, never doubt. This image should always be a reminder of what you’re capable of. GREATNESS!!!!

    And I love you, and can’t wait to catch up and go to the play in just about 10 short days! (((HUGS)))

  3. Kris, congratulations on your fabulous results!

    I see you’re wearing a BodyMedia armband in the photo, and I’m wondering what you think of it. I bought one about six weeks ago.

    One thing I notice is that I can do a very intense 50- or 60-minute strength-training session at the gym (with constant activity because I usually take very little to no rest between sets) and my armband will indicate that I had hours of “moderate” activity for the day but perhaps something like four to 10 minutes of “vigorous” activity. I should e-mail the company to learn why vigorous activity doesn’t seem to be tracked very accurately.

    What’s your experience been?

    Glad I found your site!


    Mary Weaver, CSCS

    • I have only had my band a few months, but also noticed some activities register funny. I did a bit of research about it and it seems to be reoccouring a lot with weight training and they said the algorythem they use must not be right. Probably because we all lift differently, and small muscle contractions are hard to measure.
      I’d say email them if you like, but likely they will tell you it is a “known issue” there is no fix for. :/

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