No #c25k today

So Sunday came… and #c25k Sunday w6d1 didn’t happen. What?! Where is the #noExcuses girl? Well, work happened. This is where not having a 24/7 gym becomes a problem in my world. See I worked until 4am Sunday and promptly jumped into bed, unlike other weekends where I take some time to destress from my workday.
Sunday morning I had to be back up at 11am to head back into work! Not for the same thing as the day before, this time for a security screening. Basically I deliver a movie to a theater and ensure no one steals it. I needed to be onsite at the theater by noon. The screening is scheduled to last until 11PM. Long day of sitting!
So my plan is to do #c25k before water aerobics Monday morning, then do day 2 Tuesday putting me back on schedule. Although if I bump my long runs to Sunday it would mean I would/could/should be well rested for them in the future.
I am entering a state of limbo, things at work are on the cusp of change (noy bad) and it seems that if they swing the way it looks I truly will need to switch to a 24/7 gym. I think it would be good to have that access but I would lose the pool, and the friendships and support that I am gaining through the YWCA.
Decisions decisions. The world it is a changin… Wonder what’s up next!

One thought on “No #c25k today

  1. Excited about the new opportunities in your future! Re: Gyms, I’m a huge fan of Lifetime, and the one by my house (and across the river from your house) has really super-late hours and some days are 24-hours. Plus, some of the Lifetimes have pools – although this one doesn’t. I know it’s a bit more pricey, but I would be there!!! Just my thoughts. I know you’ll work it out and do what’s best for you!!! ❤

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