Love is in the Air

So I have a confession to make friends! I am in love! That’s right! Who knew it could happen again… It was so unexpected. No I am not talking about a boy… Or a girl. I think I have once again found my love for life the power of my soul, the thing that drives me forward and lets me and gets me out of bed.  My very own Allspark if you will. 

A few months ago as the seasons were transitioning I was really struggling with my depression. I was simply going through the motions of heading to the gym and following suit with my other “obligations”. My friends reached out to me but it wasn’t enough. I had to break free of it. I have been pushing my limits with #c25k, and pushing my body to perform at a higher level in and out of the gym.  Pushing my mind to the limits has helped me too!  It will bend, it will not break this time.  Expanding my horizons, knowing what is out there that I can do, that I can change.  I am Kris, my weight will not define me, it will not hold me back.  I choose my destiny and I have made my choice.
I don’t quite know when the switch flipped but my energy levels have started to climb. What sparked my notice of this? I was excited to work. I haven’t felt a true desire to get out and ‘bust my ass’ in a long time. I can feel the drive returning, I can feel myself becoming alive again.
Goodbye you funk! I am glad to see you go! I am happily engaging with my friends more and preparing for my next adventures!

Today is a #PFGMeetup, complete with a breakfast meeting before with some friends and a planned workout this afternoon before I get my sleep on.  I love the ladies and gentlemen that I have met during this journey.  They keep me going, they share in my joy and help me when I have my setbacks.  It is always a good day when I get to see or talk to one of these amazing people… and you know what, everyday I get to look in the mirror and know that I too am one of those good people. I just need to remind myself of that a little more often. 

Have an Awesome weekend my friends!

3 thoughts on “Love is in the Air

  1. So glad you re-sparked! I know what you mean, and I think I’m back, but life gets in the way too 😦 Hope it stays with you in the remaining winter months!

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