Traveling Day 1

So yesterday was my travel day. I live about 1100 miles from my parents. It keeps our relationship healthy. The farther I get the better we get along. I am certain a few of you can relate to this.
So a few times a year I get the luxury of going east to see my parents. This will change in time, as I know most people don’t have the flexibility that my job allows.
Thursday morning I got to the airport, checked it, zipped thru the full body scanners, got my “flagged” patdown and was on my way. I am always to the airport early, it gives me a chance to find calm before I fly. I sipped my Starbucks, then walked the airport concourses for over an hour. I like seeing the hustle and bustle of travel and being mobile enought now to keep moving.
Flights weren’t full, I had empty seats next to me into DTW and ABE. So even if I needed the extra seat that my #toofattofly fears make me worry about it wouldn’t have been a thing.
I am faced now with my parents trying to be “helpful” with my food choices. It makes me feel overly self conscious having to decide for others what to eat. I know how I eat and shop at home. Stopping at the storeon the way from the airport and trying to pick food for days on end or what I might want to eat 4 days from now is stressful. I appreciate the support but it is uncomfortable at times because I don’t want to make a wrong chooce for someone else.
I have a moderately full schedule over the next few days here, trying to cram in visits with family and perhaps catch up with a friend or 2 but not forget about my exercise. I’m ready however to be home in my bed. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Traveling Day 1

  1. I hope you have a great time out there Kris. Even a short ten-minute walk is so good to clear the head and step away from people. We love ’em but we need a break!

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