Oh My!

I feel like I have slipped down the rabbit hole. I have become Alice. I ate and drank and my size has morphed and distorted my mind.
No I have not fallen off the wagon here in Pennsylvania. What I have found are the most freakish veggies! Tonight I had the most delicious beet. Just part of one, why not a whole beet? Well they are sweet as candy, but they were also larger than softballs!! Seriously they were the largest beets I have ever seen!
The huge beets along with a pork tenderloin, sauerkraut, & mashed potatoes were a great dinner! Later in the evening my snack of hummus was with the largest carrots I’ve seen!! A foot at least in length, more then an inch and a half in diameter. Insane!!
I don’t find produce like this in the stores in Minneapolis, nor at the farmers market. I remember as a kid there being massive tomatoes growing on my plants, zucchini too like the size of an adults arm. Must be something in the soil.
It was a busy Friday for me, lots of cooking, shopping for groceries, trying to get into the swing of things here. Saturday is babyshower day, plus more cooking for Sundays family dinner. I am surviving so far. Let’s keep it up!

4 thoughts on “Oh My!

    • These beets were just boiled, then peeled but usually I oven roast them. Wash the beet, rub skin with a bit of oil, wrap in foil, bake at 400 for 45 mins, let it cool a bit, peel, s&p and enjoy!

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