Wow, Let’s Slow Things Down for a Better Look.

So it has been a week since I actually sat down in front of a computer to do something for me.  This new job is actually really cool.  It has kept me pretty busy and is forcing me to adapt or die so to speak.  So I am sorry to my bloggie friends I have not kept up on blogs, it has been work, dinner, sleep repeat all week.  Today is a new day (off!).

The last week was a lot of sink or swim.  Tuesday I was in at 8 and out at 2:30 and on Wednesday more of the same.  Thursday was balls to the wall 8 which i showed up early to get a few things done (which I wont be doing again… lesson learned) until 4, and was up and down a ladder more times than I think I have ever been in my entre life.  Friday was my very first 4am start at work and I worked until 2. It wasn’t a bad day, just intense.  It was a sink or swim day and I did the doggie paddle the whole day keeping my head above water. Next week one of my office mates is on vacation, and I know I will be busier during the first 4 days of the week.

I don’t plan on this becoming a work blog, but this is a big change in my life… mainly what I want to share is the deal with the ladder.  I know I posted about this ladder a while back.  When I started at this company back in 2005 there were (and still are) three ladders in our warehouse.  We manage parts and we need to pull them to ship or for customers to come in and pickup.  Well, there is a medium hight, medium width ladder, which i could kinda fit onto, which let me get to some of the higher shelves when I started my old job.  There was a shorter much wider ladder that let me get to most of the medium level shelves which I had no problems getting up on. There was also a tall skinny (boy does that make me want a latte) ladder.  There was no chance in hell my ass was fitting on that ladder.  A while into my journey I had a parts pull on a Saturday and I had no way to get this part but to attempt the impossible, or call the boss because the usual person I called to help me was unavailable.  I took a step and slipped easily inbetween the bars of that ladder.

While I can now easily slip up and down that ladder… I don’t like stairs.  I live on the third floor of a walk-up.  That means I get my stairs in every day.  I don’t need ladder work in my opinion.  Plus I have a bad knee, bad hip, and bad ankle, all on my right leg.  I am also wobbly, but I do it.  I do what is required of me.

I did several hours of warehouse work on Thursday, and more on Friday morning while things were slow.  The ladder serves as a good reminder to me that hard work is going to take me to where I need to go.

I have been taking food with me to work, usually a Chobani (as I found the new flavors and have been mixing them into my yogurt rotation, or a Fage (the kind with the sidecar of fruit), also a sandwich thin with either some almond butter or a bit of deli meat on it.  A Ziploc of veggies and some humus also get tossed into my bag along with a few of my leftover cuties from christmas, but my supply is almost gone of those.  I found that one of the gentlemen we share the office with is actually doing a 90/10 split with his eating right now where he is eating 90% fruits and veggies which seems to make it REALLY easy for me to eat healthy.  I was concerned that it would be weird having a non-traditional work environment… because what I do, and how we do it is kinda non-traditional but it seems to be okay so far.

I haven’t been stress-eating so far.  I am still adjusting my sleep schedule, which makes me feel at times deprived from my friends, going to bed by 11pm. This means I am trying to be in the sheets by 10pm relaxing and just trying to be sure I am unwinding.  It is a process.  I am doing it though.

I really feel like this is a good things for me.  Today is Saturday, I am in a coffee shop, not for a workshop, having slept, feeling good, relaxed and not worried about work this afternoon. I think everything is going to be okay.

5 thoughts on “Wow, Let’s Slow Things Down for a Better Look.

  1. I love that you are taking this new opportunity in stride. Adapting to something new is never easy, but I am confident that you will be successful in this new endeavor. And keep showing those ladders who the boss is! RAWR!

  2. Awesome chica! YOU HAVE WEEKENDS FREE!!! WHEEE!!! I’m sure once you learn the ropes it’ll be even better 🙂 Lots of hard work M-Fri, not having to drive, and getting your weekends off is pretty fantastic! I’m glad you’ve got the food down, too. Yay! Good to see ya on Saturday! w00t w00t

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