One Breath, One Post

So for most of my long time readers you know how my life has been since, well since I moved here.  I worked some crazy hours.  Not that my hours now would, could or should be described as normal, but they are more normal than they were.  I have weekends off, and I sleep during the nighttime hours… mostly.

Saturday outings were almost always things that I missed, opportunities that I wanted to take, and would often pass on, with one exception.  When I saw a random tweet from @PriorFatGirl I knew destiny had taken a hand in my life.  I started following her blog, and twitter, reading back, learning.  Last year I asked to have someone cover my Saturday shift for a few hours and would pull an amazingly long few days (2pm Friday until 4am Sunday) to have the opportunity to meet some amazing people.  Happily I got some sleep during that time and slept after only being up for 30-some-odd hours.  That is neither here nor there.  That was one of the first ventures into meeting people from the blog community here in Minneapolis.

It has been an amazing life changer.  Shortly after that conference/get together/whatever is when I started blogging again publicly thanks to Jen.  There have been several One Step One Breath get togethers since that one, some formal, some just coffee and chat sessions, and I have not missed a single one.  I rearranged my schedule to make them possible, never sleeping before them due to my work schedule.  Well things have changes now and yesterday I had the opportunity to go to one without the added stress of thinking about the people who had to take over work for me.

I am so grateful for the people who I get to see at these events.  My brief encounters with my old friends, and chance encounters with new people are just so enriching to my life.  I foster so many friendships in such a short time I am so thankful to Jen for reaching out to all of us and giving us a safe space in which to share our struggles and feelings.

So really… I know why you are all here… You want to know what was covered right? You know Jen was there, after all it was her event, and Mary, from over at Fit This, Girl! was also there to speak.  Elle She has an amazing story to tell as well.  We also got to meet Philly D! Who is a yogi, and owner of the Moksha Yoga Studio that is the ever popular Friday night hang out for so many of my friends! The rest of the speakers were US! Believe it or not I count everyone that attends these events as a speaker! From Ann who spoke a bit about how to dress for outdoor running to Liz who was talking about some Weight Watchers things.
What you take away from these events is more than the two pages of notes that I have scribbled down (which I will get to don’t worry!). You take away emotion, you take away a little less, “Aloneliness” knowing that you were in a room where every single other person there has at some point crossed or will cross a similar struggle that you have.
So if you shared your story, or took part in listening to mine yesterday thank you.  We are all learning and growing together, and I hope that you took something away from the event that is exactly what you were looking for.

So what did I take away from the event… Stay Tuned! 🙂

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