Noisy Head this morning.

The answers and changes and things you are seeking in life will never just come to you, you must seek them out.  You must work for them.  You must continue to look for the smallest glimmers of hope and provide them a place to grow.

You must foster the things you find important in life, the things you value in yourself and others.  You must look for those opportunities and jump on them when they come past.

Life is fleeting, time is passing.  Stop waiting.

Make fertile the important things in your life, nourish the things in your life with the richness that you can provide whether through words or actions.  BE present, grab hold.

My head is very noisy this morning.  I can’t even put into words what I am feeling other than don’t let life, and love, and friends, and the things you value in this world slip away.  Look around, before it is too late.

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