One Month

I have officially been a Full Time employee at my job for one month… and I like to think I am starting to find a rhythm.  I haven’t had steady hours yet for a month, but that month-a-versary is rapidly approaching.  I can’t believe how much time it takes to have a full-time job and live a healthy and ACTIVE life.

When I get up for my shift that starts at 4am monday through Friday my alarm currently goes off at 3am… and that coffee pot better already have hot coffee in it or I am going to be crabby!  Happily putting the coffee on has become ritual for me the night before as I pack my lunch.  I have resisted the urge to grow my ass back with take out lunches and fast food.  (interestingly enough, i typed fat food about four times there)  Several time since I have been there they have done takeout from local joints, this includes pizza, and random junk.  I happily eat my brought from home foods telling myself it is not only better for me but for my wallet!

One of the things I hope to accomplish with this new position is establishing a better life for myself.  Not just a better schedule, which is still truly up for debate, while my hours are more normal, because I can go out to dinner, or happy hours, and have weekends off, I still goto bed at about 6pm most nights.  I am up on weekends though  like a human being not a vampire.  So any locals want to do something on weekends… movies coffee walks around the lake hit me up!

2012-02-03_09.29.39.jpgThis last week of lunches really had a few of the passers-by intrigued.  I was having spinach salads as either breakfast or lunch.  Super simple salad just spinach with dried cranberries a sprinkle of cheese the one friday had a sprinkle of bacon bits and the sunburst tomatoes that are so trendy now.  Sometimes I add some pecans (walnuts are a great substitute for those that are not allergic, I am) for a bit of textural variety and some healthy fat.

I am still on my yogurt kick.  My Chobani and Fage supplies are running very low.  I have a few of the Dannon Greek yogurts (the Lime Flavor) to fill the gaps until I head off on a major shopping trip.  I always feel like the guys in the office laugh at me as I eat my greek yogurt and then talk about how there is more protein in it and that make me feel more satisfied than some of the more sugary types like the yoplait light stuff.    They don’t know the inside joke of my #YogurtGuru nickname.  Speaking of yogurty stuff… When I was shopping last week I saw that Liberte had started, like so many other companies making a greek yogurt.  I had taste tested their regular yogurt, and found the yogurt to be a bit too sweet and it for sure had far too many calories for my diet.  The stats on the greek didn’t appear to be bad, and I thought perhaps because it was a greek it might have a bit less of the cloying sweet flavor to it.  It had a texture that I was slightly put off by.  I tried the Fig flavor which I was super excited to try.  I adore figs, sadly I can’t recommend this product to my faithful yogurt friends.  If you are looking for something new to try I suggest you add figs to some plain Fage or Chobani or even the Costco brand greek sweetened with whatever you like for a treat.

I have gone back to taking vitamins the chewable gummy kind, i cant seem to take the pill form ones without “rejecting” them as the guy at snap fitness called it.  It seems to be a reoccurring problem with some people.  I have tried lots of other kinds of vitamins, of different qualities brands and manufacturers, must just be something about the binders maybe.  So gummy multivitamin and gummy calcium are now my dessert in the afternoon if I forgot them as a midmorning snack.  🙂

I asked my friends in the #f2fpack for some help with breakfast ideas for work.  I have some time in the mornings once I am at work where I can reheat, or cook with the microwave, so that perhaps I can venture outside of the world of fresh fruit and yogurt.  The suggestions ranged from overnight oats to make ahead egg McMuffins.  So hopefully next week I will be able to tell you all at least what I tried and what worked and didn’t for me.  I forgot about oatmeal… I used to eat Better Oats all the time.  I know I don’t mind cold oatmeal either so if I were to forget about the oatmeal it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

My days are still in flux trying to figure out how to fit the gym in.  I spent the last 2012-02-02_16.32.20.jpgweek skipping the gym due to an injury sustained last friday at work.  I told myself I was going to be injury free in 2012 so I couldn’t use it as an excuse… well this time It was a doozie!  Any resistance, including wearing the shoes that I wear to work causes some mild pain in my shin.  I don’t think there is any damage other than just the nastiness of the bruise.  The photo doesn”t even capture all the awesome colors in the bruise!  I also have some bruises on my arm from the impact of the fall.  I can see the insertion points from where the muscles connect to the bones.  It is kinda cool and makes me miss all the anatomy I used to study. I think I am going to try to ease back into the gym, perhaps no jumping right back onto the arc trainer but maybe onto the treadmill for a while after work each day.  I figure if I don’t allow myself to go home right after work I will be forced to go to the gym.  If I make it a part of my routine then It will stick.  Babysteps right?

So slowly I am adapting, I am getting into the swing of the shift that is now to be my life until I find a new job.  I miss my late night sushi adventures with my friends,  I miss my trivia nights with other friends.  I miss the laughter and smiles.  What I am finding though is that people, my friends, are receptive to the fact that I can’t live the life I was.  While it was healthy in a way, it was still not healthy, and I am moving towards a healthier life.  They are bending and flexing with me to make sure that our friendships can stay intact.  Early dinners, text messages, emails, we stay in touch, phone calls that go unanswered happen, heck even my parents aren’t getting their regular phone calls right now, they understand.

Life is a journey has become far too cliché, Life is a verb, take action.  This week my plan is to make it back into the gym 3 days despite the pain in my leg.  I’ll take my Arctic Ease wrap with me and ice down post workout.  I can’t keep sitting still… times ticking away!

4 thoughts on “One Month

  1. Love this, Kris! It sounds like you’ve gone through an amazing transition and you are setting yourself up for success – by getting enough sleep, healthy meal planning, resisting temptation, coming into a workout schedule, and still making time for friends. I’m SO PROUD of you and what you have accomplished, Kris. You = Rock.

    • Thanks Ann, it reallky has been a struggle. I guess I just never really knew how easy I had it with all the free time I had with my old position. Even though that free time wasn’t at the most opportunistic hours I still had much less pressure. I think the pressure is probably a good thing it is forcing me to focus, instead of drifting along with the current I have to push and direct myself more.
      I will find the strength I have. I will make it work 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words 🙂

  2. Wow, that bruise developed nicely. Jeeze louise, girl!

    Good luck easing back into a gym routine 🙂 nothing to it but to do it. At least, that is what I’ll be telling myself too.

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