So recently I have been hinting around on Twitter about a product I have Flipped over.  I have shared these snacks with a few of my closest friends, and even a few coworkers have gotten their mits on my latest fave treat! I was hopeful that someone would out me on twitter about one of my new favorite snacks and no one has!  I snapped shots of the bar code, which features a freakin surfer!  How cool is that, and the packaging which features a girl doing a cart-wheel.


On this new healthy eating lifestyle thing I am always searching for new things to try, new products that might entice my palate or replace things that I used to turn to.  I know replacing one behavior with another is the best way to fix something… well let’s face it snacks are a HUGE part of life.  I on occasion have been known to want a cookie.

Cookies are loaded with crap!  Sugar, filler, more sugar, more filler, artificial garbage, am I right?  By and large most cookies out there are horrible for you.  You can make oatmeal cookies at home that aren’t horrible for you, and that is for sure a great option but what do you do when you are out at the store, or need something to share or want something different?

Happily I was strolling the isles of a local grocery store and stumbled across these little gems called Somersaults.  They are made by the Somersault Snack Co. I have been snacking on the Cinnamon Crunch flavor ones with my coffee almost every morning! They are crunchy and sweet and have a burst of antioxidants, protein, & vitamin E! Best of all I feel good eating them!  I had seen them in single serving packs at Caribou coffee a ton of times and never tried them, and now I know what I was missing and can’t believe it!

Have you ever heard of these little gems?  Have you seen them at your local store and ever wanted to try them?  I checked out the website for the company and they seem to be a really great company very into healthy living and keeping roots.  Very much a circular relationship to many of the things I talked about here on the blog in recent weeks.

So guess what?  After a few emails with one of the company reps One lucky reader of KrisGetsHealthy is going to get their hands on a sample pack of Somersaults!!!


That’s right ladies and gents it is giveaway time again!

So here’s the deal to enter… Contest starts today Feb 12, 2012 and I will accept entries until 06:00 Central Time Feb 19! That gives you a whole week to take the time to head over to their website and check things out. I encourage you to seek out this product and try it on your own anyway because it seriously kicks ass!
One winner will be selected via random.org and the package will be sent directly from the great people over at Somersault!  Winner will be contacted by email.

Write one comment for each thing you do.



Comment on this post (be sure to include an email address so I can contact you if you win!) after visiting the Somersaults website and tell me which of the 5 flavors you are most looking forward to trying!

Additional entries

Follow @SomersaultSnack on Twitter
Fan Somersault Snack Co on Facebook
Share this Giveaway on Twitter (tagging me (@KrisGetsHealthy)
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Good Luck and Thanks for entering!

Disclaimer: Somersault Snacks has provided me with a sample pack to try the other flavors in their line and has agreed to provide a sample pack of their choosing to one winner of this contest. The opinions that these snacks rock my socks are completely my own.

21 thoughts on “Flipping!

  1. YUM! These look delicious, Kris! I am curious to try the Dutch Cocoa (because I LOVE everything chocolate!) and I am also intrigued by the Sante Fe ones! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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