Lookin Sharp!

So Friday night was a big night for me, well okay not really, but it marked the first time I got dressed up again in a while.  I put on a nice dress, and fancy shoes.  I rocked jewelry and donned a scarf.  I didn’t go as far as to put makeup on but I got dressed up.

I was attending a Pre-Oscar party with a friend of mine, and I was going out in style rocking a “tiny” (okay size 18 isnt tiny, but it is tiny compared to the size 34 stuff I was in before!) black dress.  Not just any black dress, a Calvin Klein dress!  That’s right folks I was stylin’.

I had forgotten just how good it felt to get dressed up!  The winters here in Minnesota keep me bundled up.  Covered in warm clothes, layers upon layers of covered, cocooned up in the safety of not showing skin, protecting myself, staying warm!

It felt AMAZING to get dressed up.  I felt GREAT in my dress.  I loved the way it flowed around me.  I had gotten changed at work, my coworkers had never seen me in anything but my jeans and t-shirts so it was quite a shock to their systems when I emerged from the ladies room in wedge shoes and a black dress.  I like to joke that it is amazing what a little soap and water can do! Sadly sue to the nature of my job I can’t wear nice clothes to the office… ever.  They would end up covered in grime and filth from my warehouse duties.  This just means in my non-work life I may just have to start classing it up a bit!  Who would have thought that the girl who found such comfort in pocket t-shirts would come so far as to want to have a fashionable wardrobe?

This weekend holds some amazing chances for me to play dress up.  My dress will be seen this afternoon turned punk-rock-ish for the American Idiot show in Minneapolis.  With the help of my friend Jenn, and the lovely sales girl at Claire’s in the mall I found some adorable jewelry to pair with the dress to turn it from chic to punk!  Sunday I will be going back to chic and rocking the oscar look again to attend the party at Mall of America with my friend for the Oscars.  Should be super fun.  Yes it slightly messes with my sleep schedule, but that is what naps are for right? Besides I have been trying to expand my horizons here in the city a bit.  I went to an opera, and a ballet.  It is amazing how much more I can enjoy things when I fit more comfortably into the chairs, and into my clothes.

I am excited for Spring to roll in, warmer temperatures will allow me to open my wardrobe back up to dresses.  I think when we (being a generalization here) hide out bodies it makes weight loss slow down.  Being wrapped up and covered all winter makes us stop seeing our progress, it is the swimsuit season effect.  I think it is about time to pull out those dresses ladies!


On a side note, I can’t tell you how embarrassing it was to have someone I know go “heeeeeeeeyyyyyy sexy!” as I was waiting to go out Friday night… all in fun all in jest… my face was surely 40 shades of red. Back to my sweatshirts at work for sure!

5 thoughts on “Lookin Sharp!

  1. You look fabulous! I understand exactly what you’re saying. I live in a boy’s uniform 40+ hours a week, and it makes my DAY when I have a reason to “play girl!” And I kinda love it when my [male] coworkers jaws hit the floor 😉

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