And Really Bad Eggs, or Not!

So I have been bringing my food to work for a while, and not too long ago I had a disastrous experience with some eggs at work.  I made eggcups, where you prebake the eggs in muffin tins and just reheat them.  I filled the eggs with spinach and ham and all kinds of good things that I love in my eggs.  I was excited to have something great for breakfast at work… The first day I brought them… was the last day I brought them.  I spent the day nauseated.  I didn’t want to think about eating for days after.  I was indeed sick.  There was a myriad of things that contributed to my sicknedd I am sure, but the entire batch went into the garbage faster than I could imagine.

The past few weeks I have been wanting eggs for breakfast, I bought a few of those frozen breakfast bowl things from Jimmy Dean.  I had coupons from the paper, but Oh My they are waaay too expensive to make that any kind of realistic option to sustain.  I tried the turkey sausage one, which was really *meh* at best and the Ham Bowl.  *insert ham dance*  Now we all know how happy ham makes me… for some ungodly reason ham is like a food of the gods to me… it sings a happy song… (no muppets were harmed in the making of my breakfast, or my infamous pink fuzzy hat)

So this morning I decided to take my hand back at making an eggmug again.  I filled my Pyrex bowl with eggbeaters and a slice of ham (ham ham ham ham ham ham!!!!!) and a smattering of pepper and spices before I left the house and once things here at work settled down I got my bowl out and nuked it.


While I am not going to win any awards for creativity with my breakfast today, no veggies in it lunch is just lettuce and asorted veggies, I get my hammy eggs for breakfast packed full of protein, and it was a whole lot cheaper than the near $3.00 that Jimmy Dean wanted to sock me for yesterday, and I know what is in my breakfast.  So far it is sitting just fine in my tummy and that makes me a happy camper.  Maybe my eggy mornings can make a return afterall!

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