Failure isn’t Fatal. Failure isn’t Final.

We all know what happens when a healthy-living or weight loss bloggers blog falls silent right?   The unfortunate has happened.  They have given up, fallen off the wagon and turned tail back to the dark side of the tracks.  Many who know me offline have watched me struggle with life in the face of my new job.

So here I am coming clean to you all… once again.  My slip ups, turned into a giant landslide back to where I was coming from.  I look in the mirror every morning at 3AM when I wake up and I am disgusted by what I see.  I don’t see the healthy girl who was there just  months ago, I see someone who has given up.  I see someone who needs help.  I see failure, but I still see that glimmer of hope knowing I can come back from this, because I haven’t given up hope.

So my failure… it isn’t truly failure, it would be failure if I didn’t step up and ask fo help.  This week I did something I thought I would never do again.  I rejoined Weight watchers. It has been over 16 years since I set foot in a weight watchers center.  I vowed after the horrible (read weight gaining) experience I had being forced to go as a  teenager I would never use their program again.  I realise now as an adult that things change.  My calorie counting attempts have become failures the last 6 times I have restarted trying i just stop. i track a few days and give up.  I am hopeful that the points tracking is easier.  Smaller numbers, accounting for things like fat grams, and for the love of god im not weighing my sandwich thins.  That crazy bitch needs to go away.

So yes the scale is going he wrong way, my heart is breaking when I look in the mirror at myself, and I am desperate for a change.  So begins another chapter.  Failure is not final, nor is success, and it certainly isn’t fatal.  Don’t give up on me.

9 thoughts on “Failure isn’t Fatal. Failure isn’t Final.

  1. You can do it Kris! We’re rooting for you! And welcome back!

    Is there a program you are following to help get healthy? I’ve always followed the idea that if I combine cardio with eating certain foods at the right time, the two dovetail into each other. Once I added proper sleep to it, however, it really made a difference. Here’s what I do:

    Carbs: I eat these within an hour after my workout, while my body is still converting carbs to muscle glycogen rather than fat, leading to muscle gain, fat loss, and a heightened metabolism.

    Proteins: I eat these periodically over the 12-16 hours following my workout, combined with healthy vegetables. This way my body is better able to repair muscle, which is the MOST important part of the workout. Additionally, periodic, smaller feedings further boost your body’s metabolism, boosting fat loss even further.

    Sleep: This may sound silly, but sleep deprivation debilitates metabolism and triggers a fat storage response in your body. I try to get around 7 hours of sleep a night, if possible.

    I actually picked most of this up at The Body Mason, but it really worked for me. Check it out for yourself:

  2. Kris you are never a failure – no matter how many times you start and stop. You are an amazing, beautiful, and inspiring woman who has the courage to say “this isn’t what I want” and move in the direction that makes sense for you. Nothing worthwhile happens overnight and you are so much more than your weight or the reflection in the mirror!! Thank you for sharing your journey here and remember that you have so many people in your life who are inspired by you and care about you!

  3. Welcome back to the blog! I recently (well, last February) went back to Weight Watchers and, this time, it seems to really be working for me. I was counting calories before that but it just ended up being too complicated for me.

  4. Glad to see you are back!!! Sometimes you have to change things up and that’s ok! WW has changed so much from the past. Good luck girl, you got this!!!!!

  5. I am so proud of you. WW is really helping me and I think it will help you too. But please remember you are NOT a failure. We will both make it friend. One day at a time!

  6. It would be impossible to give up on you, because CLEARLY you have not given up on yourself 🙂 I think your focus is on the right place to be successful – on your health. You are beautiful and you’ll find your path again 🙂

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