Can’t Fight the Program

So I haven’t been on the Weight Watchers program long, but when I signed up I pledged that I would give myself over to the program and follow it without question.  Basically I have to let myself put trust into their formulas, follow what they say, and let the system do the work for me.  I am not allowing myself to try and play games with the system.  This may confuse some of you, but I am sure most of you understand where I am coming from.

When I was tracking calories I was always trying to find that magic number, that special balance of calories that golden ratio.  I did crazy things like weigh my fruits and veggies to calculate the exact caloric content of them.  I didn’t track nutrients, i didn’t much account for where my calories came from just that I ate them.

So part of what Weight Watchers has already done for me has made me, or rather forced me to chill out.  When I say things like, I am giving myself over to the program, it is okay to eat this, it is a reminder to myself.  I have had people tell me it sounds like I am part of a cult.  The funny part about it is, I am okay with that.  I ask those around me if I seem more normal, or more relaxed, and the answer has been an undeniable yes.

I am doing my best to not stress about the program, I constantly need reminders that nothing happens without work,  but that the work doesn’t have to be as hard as I made it before. There is a balance to be found, and I am working to find it.

So here we go for another week.

For those counting I am down approx 7lbs down since I started

3 thoughts on “Can’t Fight the Program

  1. Congratulations!!!! Sometimes it’s hard to put your trust in something new, looks like it is working for you!!! Doesn’t being less stressed feel great as well? Keep up the great work!!!

  2. I have gained and lost on WW (and still do) but ultimately found peace and success. It’s not a perfect program but it does teach you how to be aware of what and why you eat. It will work for you! Great job! (28 sticks of butter baby…)

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