Slow and Steady, Easy Does it.

So I am still working the plan… blindly following along eating my points, questioning the zero points thing, making sure I don’t view them as “free food”.  Trying to balance work, and life.  Rehabbing my foot from an awful case of plantar faisicitis.  (ok i cant spell, we know this).  Every day I roll my foot on a golf ball, and ice it down.  Every day I curse my genetic make up for the shit bucket I was dealt.  Every day I make the choice to keep going.

My weight slowly creeps back in the direction I wish it to.  Not being able to be as active as I want SUCKS.  I WANT to be able to go to the gym.  I WANT to be able to be back where I was in March of last year.  I know that things wont change overnight, and that if they were too that it would end up a disaster as what makes lessons stick is having to struggle and fight for what you want from life.

So I just keep pushing along, working my way towards where I want to be.  Just wanted to let you all know I am still here.

4 thoughts on “Slow and Steady, Easy Does it.

  1. Don’t worry, Kris, I know EXACTLY how you feel. My tendinitis sometimes gets the better of me and I feel exactly the same way with foot pain. (My doctor’s questioning whether it’s plantar fasciitis, but he’s waiting to see if it gets better or worse before confirming that… /facepalm) And back pain. And headaches. XD

    It’s like your body’s fighting you every step of the way when you’re doing your damndest to make it fitter and healthier, but your body’s just like, “HAHA yeah right, here, have another ache/pain/roadblock. ENJOY, BITCHES!”

    Stupid bodies.

    I hope your foot gets better quickly, I really do. There’s nothing worse than feeling helpless.

  2. Sometimes to keep pushing – gently and patiently – is all we can do when our bodies won’t cooperate. Sending you peace and healing – and good job with staying on track!

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