*peeks head out*

Is It Safe? Just kidding! I am still here, still following Weight Watchers.  Still going to meetings working the program.  3 weeks ago I hit the 5% mark, which means I have lost 5% of my starting weight, or something like that.  I dunno I got a big sticker, and they asked me for tips and tricks.  My reply was to just keep going.  Always weigh in, whether you ate breakfast before the meeting or not, whether you went out the night before and had sushi with soy-sauce, and not the low sodium kind.  It is not a race, it is not a sprint, it is a process, an ever evolving process.

My leader, Judy, weighed me in the week I hit my 5% and we chatted a bit before the meeting, she told me that she enjoys the things that I add to the meeting, because I am often very insightful about the topics.  I am only insightful because I have spent my whole life in this never ending battle.  I have read diet and healthy eating/living books since I was a preteen.  One of hte last ones I read is covered in post it notes and actually has a notebook full of scribbles and page number references with it because it made so many good points.

I see a lot of people in my social circle online, (I wish i could see yall more) trying the #Whole30 lifestyle plan.  It sounds really interesting, and I might look into how i can use that in my life, I mean, right now on WW with my schedule the way it is I find I am backsliding into processed food, which is something I have/had worked so hard to eliminate but because it is so much easier to just grab something packaged and know itsWXYZ is a certain # of points I worry about the actual nutrition of it.

I am also off the exercise bandwagon right now.  For those that know me I have been battling a wicked case of PF, I have been icing it down, doing the at home physical therapy, rolling on a golfball, and there has been some improvement, but a week ago something bad happened.  I wrenched my back something fierce.  I could barely move, let alone twist turn or walk without discomfort.  I used every trick in my arsenal, including my fibro pain meds and nothing was touching the pain.  Monday I made an emergency appointment with the doctors office, and they think it is a soft tissue injury.  They did a few tests and dont think there is anything pinched or herniated, and I don’t remember doing anything to injure my back so *finger crossed* we are working on treatment for that.

They gave me a shot, that was supposed to work in about an hour, it didn’t work in an hour… the only thing that happened in an hour was an allergic reaction to the bandaid they put on my backside! (in big red font on my chart is allergic to adhesive, only use paper tape, and use as sparingly as possible UGH!!!) about 24 hours after the shot the pain difference is mostly night and day.  I can move again, without the tears of pain pushing on my eyes.  I am unsure if that is the shot, or the muscle relaxants they game me.  Either way the cocktail I have been downing is at least starting to work.

Friday I will have my first PT session for my back, I am not looking forward to that, I HATE physical therapy.  i need to make sure whomever I end up with understands what ehlers-danlos is, and how extra careful we need to be.  The last round of PT i had was for my knee and they didn’t understand that with my knees the hyper extension is from the disorder and is not something i can actively help and is something they need to be wary of.  *sigh* The thought of PT on my back makes me extremely nervous, and makes my anxiety level go through the roof. However I will get through this, it just means my Fridays will now be Work, PT then home to ice eat and sleep.  Sounds fun…. NOT

Have you been through PT for a back injury? Was it bad?

6 thoughts on “*peeks head out*

  1. Yes, I’ve been through Pt twice for my back. The first round was a bust in my opinion. We started before the neurologist reviewed my MRI very effectively (he was out of the country and his PA wasn’t very good) and we wasted time on an exercise that completely exacerbated my type of injury. The second time I just got defeated. It was so expensive to go and stretch with her, I just stopped going. But I was VERY stressed about work/school/life both times and its almost impossible to get your muscles to relax and heal when you are wound tighter than the proverbial drum. I started talk therapy the same summer as my first round of PT, but my back pain didn’t get consistently better until I got a new job at my company and finished grad school. Good luck and don’t be afraid to question what they’re doing if it doesn’t feel right, and keep talking about YOU and your unique situation! You may have to challenge their training to find what works for YOU! 🙂

    • As upfront and out there as I am, I seem to stumble when it comes to standing up for myself. I have been working on, and making strides in putting myself and my needs first, and I know you are right when it comes to challenging their training and questioning what they are doing when it comes to this.
      Thanks for the advice and sharing your experience it does help put me at ease a bit

  2. It could be that you are insightful because of your knowledge but also because you care for people and are a natural cheerleader, wanting people to do their best. Thinking of you!

  3. Just found your blog after looking through old 5K photos, so I’m just getting to know you. I have done PT for back pain numerous times, and I HIGHLY recommend Physicians Neck and Back Clinics. (http://pnbconline.com/) It was a completely different experience from any other therapy I’d done – it worked! I left with a much better understanding of the cause of my pain, avoided having a second surgery, and have learned tricks so that I’ve never had to go back. Other clinics were ok at providing short term relief but never really solved the problem. (and really, who ever keeps up with the home exercises?)

  4. Hey hon – I have been through PT for countless things, most recently for my neck. It takes a long time to see baby steps, I’ll give you that. But it is always worth it in the end. And remember, no one knows your body like you, no matter how much schooling they have and how long they’ve been practicing. If they don’t listen, find a new PT. Seriously! And because mine retired, I’m taking note of what your previous commenter wrote! Keep taking care of yourself Kris!

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