Let’s go for two posts in 2 days

Yesterday’s post was actually a little difficult to press publish on.  Admitting just how much weight I have gained publicly is not east.  I mean, if you look at me you can tell I have gained weight.  I am not comfortable in my own skin, the double chin is back.  My clothes don’t fit right, and since I spend a portion of my day in the warehouse at work, sweatshirts and pocket t-shirts are part of my daily attire.  (Yep Sabrina, the pocket tees are back! Oh NO! but only for work… mostly.) They are usually accompanied by a long sleeve old navy shirt underneath because it is freakin Minnesota and it is cold here!

I am trying very hard to find my inner voice, and the voice that speaks to my blog.  I am vocal in my weight watchers meeting, in fact probably too vocal.  I almost feel like I talk too much there, but I have been told time and again that what I say there is insightful and helpful and often spurs others on.

Weight Watchers just rebooted their system a little bit to include Spaces and Routines, which in great, for people who are new to trying to lose weight, but it seems like old hat for me.  I am kind of set in my ways. However I am trying to utilize it to reboot myself.  I was approached by one of their social media outreach team to do a YouTube video for their I’m human and I am doing it campaign.  I didn’t, but only because I have not yet seen much success with weight watchers, between the lack of activity and the injections I have received for my back and the less than desirable eating habits.

I am planning on sticking with Weight Watchers atleast for a while, if I do nothing more than use it as a place for support on a weekly basis and a place to get weighed in.  I have done away with weighing in at home.  The jumping on the scale every day thing is just bad for me.  I learned that when i started going overboard with the food weighing.  I still share the gone off the deep end bit about my gramming out sandwich thins to get the number of calories exactly in each one when I was tracking that way.  I had a problem.  I keep an eye on that, and I think that is part of why at times I become so afraid to track because I worry that it will spiral out of control.  When I feel like I am going to go off the deep end I photo track.  It isn’t as accurate but at least I can SEE the food.

So yeah, I am human, and I am doing it, a little at a time.  My goal for this week is after Saturdays Weight Watchers Meeting to go to the YWCA and take a tour of the facility, along with my swimsuit, and sign up (for a trial pass at the very least, but likely a full membership)

2 thoughts on “Let’s go for two posts in 2 days

  1. I’m so glad you are posting and being honest. I’m having a horrible time getting underway. If I could just do it (WW) for a few days I know it’d kick in. It’s the few days that are tough.

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