Twofer Weekend

SO this weekend I emerged from hiding.  I ventured back into the light of blog-land this week, and with that I have also ventured back into the world of working out, even if I am fighting injury.

I have left my YWCA behind, well kind-of.  My contract with them runs until April, however their facility is sadly not meeting my needs.  If you remember back to last year I left them and went to SNAP fitness.  I was in search of something that worked better with my schedule, something that worked better for me.  It did not end well, there was a variety of contributing factors were there, sub-par equipment and no pool ended up leaving me hurting, and in the end I was not working out.  I ended that relationship, after a bit of hassle but not too much, and went back to the YW.

Now the swim team and crappy hours of availability keep me from the water, where I need to be to heal, where I need to be to regain my strength, and stability.  It saddens me to leave behind the place where I bonded with so many wonderful people, where I found myself, and my strength.  However, like many things in my life, on this journey… I have outgrown it.

Many of my friends have heard my plight, they have heard my venting of frustration, and seen my tears of pain.  After breakfast with Liz a few weeks ago (2 weekends at most, I knew there was really only one answer for me.

I am now a dual membership holder until my YWCA membership contract expires in April.  With the reduced joiner fee it ends up being cheaper to pay the next few months plus it is a monthly contract.  There are so freakin’ many YMCA locations across the metro it’s amazing!   So Saturday morning after my WW meeting I became a member at the YMCA.  I went right from sign-up into the vortex pool! While the vortex doesn’t operate at all times it is available a lot more than the pool I currently have access to.  In fact, the pools there in general are a lot more accessible, despite it being further away.

I weighted my options on this decision, cost vs. benefit analysis, if you may and waiting until April just did not seem like a logical choice.  due to my health degrading at the rate it seems to I weighted money as a lower factor in the equation, and even if I hadn’t this move had to be made.  With my PT not working, my strength and balance degrading, and my weight spiraling out of control this is my only option.  FAILURE AND POSTPONEMENT ARE NOT OPTIONS!

So here I am back in the saddle… err.. poodle…. errrr…. Back to basics.   Trying my hardest to live the life I aspire to.



2 thoughts on “Twofer Weekend

  1. Yay being back in the pool and getting your feet wet! All you can do is try, but I know you are in the hands of some wonderful friends. They won’t let you down and I am cheering you on from here! Proud of you, Kris! **hugs**

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