Valentines Day!

So yesterday was Valentines Day, a day for most full of indulgent meals, sweets and treats!  In my world, even though I am in a long standing relationship, it was mostly just another day.  I woke up, grabbed my baggie of strawberries and a wedge of laughing cow cream cheese.  It was my indulgent breakfast treat.  I worked through the day, and mid afternoon I indulged in a small packet of skinny cow filled caramel chocolates before trudging off to the gym.  Yep, off to the gym instead of out to dinner.

I tend to think of going OUT on Valentines day much the way I view going out on New Years Eve.  It is amateur night.  Moreover due to the fact that I generally customize my order no butter/oil stuff on the side, doing this on one of the busiest nights I just think is not respectful to anyone.  The servers are busy, the kitchen is swamped, it’s just not right.

Dinner at my house was english muffin pizzas and fruity fluff pie for dessert.  Robb and I exchanged presents, we never go all out for the holidays, mostly because we are kind of, well I’d call it lazy, but moreover budget conscious.  He got a baggie of his favorite cinnamon bears, a new snuggly blanket, and his favorite dinner of chicken wings to eat when I am not home (he eats his dinner when I leave for work in the morning).  He had told me about my present just before the big day because there was a chance that it wasn’t going to come in time.  It actually arrived yesterday, a waterfi!

I am excited to try out my WaterFi on Saturday, or more likely Sunday.  My Waterfi is a 5th generation waterproofed iPod shuffle! How awesome is that!  I get so bored at the gym waking in circles around the vortex.  I find myself counting over and over again, so now I will hopefully have the drive to go longer, and maybe faster!

How did your Valentines day go?

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