And so our Journey Continues…

So I have been continuing along in my Weight Watchers journey, eating my points, meeting my nutritional needs, following my routines. I have been working the Spaces portion of the plan, I have healthy snack options available to me both at work and in the car. I need a new purse so keep one available on me at all times as the bag I am currently carrying now has a huge tear in the liner. Spring is coming and I have bags fit for that time of year that are more suited to carrying a snack.
I am looking forward to springtime. I took yet ANOTHER slip and fall this week on a patch of ice just outside my home. There are a few spots where there is nothing but smooth as glass ice to step on, and sadly I went right down. It knocked me out of commission from the gym yesterday which I was really sad about, I did go to the gym, I did try to get into the current pool, but the bruising on my knees was not going to handle it. So I took a quick soak and away I went. Defeated but knowing I had tried my best.
I give myself credit for still trying. There was a part of me that just wanted to go home and curl up in front of the television yesterday after work, especially in light of the fact that I got to leave work early! I was granted a tiny reprieve from the afternoon and let go 45 minutes early. I am thankful for the break as today with the snow falling it makes it super stressful. I get riddled with anxiety for the drivers, pounded with calls from our customers who are less than understanding about their shipments being late, and trying to cope with many other things. I sip my cinnamon tea after having my jolt of java this morning and try to keep a level head. My lunch of pad thai went in the trash as a soggy weeklong lunch as of wednesday. Thursday and todays lunches consisted of Chicken Salad. 2 kinds, yesterdays was a traditional variety 4 ounces of chicken, chopped in my blender with 2 ounces of celery chopped on my blender, mayo and spices. Todays was the same chicken and celery but with a wedge of laughing cow blue cheese and some cholula hot sauce… YUM! I don’t eat it on bread, instead with triscuit thin crisps, celery sticks, tomatoes, & snow peas. Chopping up the chicken with the blender and the celery as well, seems to make it appear that there is a TON of food. I guess celery makes a good bulker. I really enjoyed the chicken salad and i think the crunchy dipper style lunch helps on stressful days like this. I WANT to eat more, but I don’t need to.
It’s continuing to snow, I hope it stops soon, I want the roads to be navigable by morning when I get up and head off to my Weight Watchers meeting and subsequently to the gym where I will hopefully get my groove on. 🙂
Hapy Friday Everyone!!

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