Weighing In

So I weighed in this morning, down only a fraction of a pound. A loss is a loss I tell myself but I am still disappointed. Time to take a look back at my week and evaluate my eating, and exercise. Did I track faithfully, measure accurately, did I put forth my best efforts?
I did measure everything, I did track everything, I did skip the gym one day due to my slip and fall, my vortex workout changed into a soak… but i doubt that is the cause. I am looking inside to see WHAT is going on. I awoke super hungry this morning… This almost never happens… and for once I didn’t allow myself to eat before I weighed in. I told myself I wasn’t going to start doing that. That Weight Watchers like any lifestyle change is exactly that a lifestyle and things like being hungry and eating before a meeting were going to happen.
I am wondering if my hormones are starting to play games with me. Only a few days will truly give me insight into that. I have been extra crabby at work of late, in part I think it is due to being told certain things are not my responsibility in one breath and in the next I find myself having to take on the responsibility of those tasks along with mine once again.
There is no doubt in my mind that there is a correlation between stress and weight gain, if it isn’t food being shoved in my mouth from the stress it is the life being sucked from my body. When I leave work some days I just can’t imagine how anyone keeps their sanity at any job, then there are days where it isn’t so bad.
I have been documenting all that I do for my job, both my tasks and the tasks I have no choice but to take on because when left undone the responsibility shifts to me, and makes my job impossible to do. I cannot believe just how much I do at my job. It infuriates me when I think that my boss and coworkers have made comments about me being lazy, or always look for ways not to do things.
I have days when I leave work full of energy too, so much energy that by bedtime I can’t shut off, I go to bed tossing and turning and unable to just pass out. It SUCKS! I wish there were a happy medium between. I suppose a new job is truly the answer. Someday maybe, One where I get a lunch break on a 10hour shift, and I am not invisibly bound to my desk without pee breaks when we are busy. One where I am not an outcast but a member of a team that works together for something better… *shruggs* dream big right?

This morning I am going to brunch with my girls, I am looking forward to it… I ate some fruit and coffee this morning since I have been ravenous, hopefully I won’t devour everything in sight! Even if I do, I plan to track it all, and be accountable, next week I want to see the scale move more than a fraction.

As FitBloggin nears I am getting excited to see everyone I am reading about, and I am getting excited as my groove is restored… Feeling more like me everyday as my exercise routine restores itself…. now if I can just keep from falling anymore maybe just maybe I’ll be right by Spring! 🙂

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