Taking Charge

Yesterday I attended a brunch with some lovely ladies. I adore my friends, they will give support when asked, or not asked. They will give to you what ever it is that you need, guidance without judgement. If you want to order healthy and need a push for one thing over another they will gladly give you a suggestion, if you want to split something, you can usually find a buddy to split a dish. They will also not judge you for ordering something from the naughty list.
Yesterday as I sat at the cafe with 9 amazing ladies around me I looked over the menu and while so many things sounded good, like blueberry pancakes, or chocolate chip cookies and milk, nothing was really hitting on all the cylinders for me. Cheese fries and a burger were an option, but really even that wasn’t sounding good because if I had that I would want cookie too and that just ends with me feeling like a human dumpster. There were all sorts of things like eggs Benedict, and omelets with avocado, everything sounded good, but wasn’t quite what I wanted.
One of the things that I love about Minnesota, that I never had the opportunity to experience elsewhere, is that we have so many nice local eateries here. In these smaller establishments I don’t feel bad about asking to create my own dishes off the menu. There was a Mixed greens side salad with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing that caught my eye, but knowing full well that a side salad was not going to fill me up, and that it lacked any kind of protein I asked kindly if there was any way for me to get things switched up a bit. I cannot envision a chain restaurant doing this, mostly because those places are packet city. So the wonderful girl that was taking care of our table said it was no problem. I had two poached eggs added to my double mixed green side salads.
I was super pleased when my food arrived and I had an amazingly huge plate of greens to munch on, with two lovely poached eggs to use as topping for my salad. I had a few drops of the dressing dripped onto the salad, but it really didn’t need it, salt pepper and egg makes an amazing combo on mixed greens. I am finding more and more that if I really listen to my body it will tell me what I want to eat, and I NEED to listen to it, or I will just fill it with a bunch of junk that I don’t really enjoy anyway.
Story here is, eat local! Ask for what you want and think outside of the box! You might just amaze yourself, and your friends. And be the envy of everyone at the table when you have something special from the kitchen. 😉

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