Working Out.

As we are all aware working out is a key piece of any healthy lifestyle, and for those that have followed my writing here for a while, or that know me, you know that this is something I have struggled with. In part it has been the desire and drive to work out that I have issues with and it is also in part the actual activity. The chronic pain, the injuries, the setbacks, but I keep coming back.
Last night I was curled up in bed, rubbing ketoprofin into my knees in hopes of finding some small bit of relief and to find a cause. My fingers reached behind my knee and rubbed the worked went to stars and started to go black I screamed in pain. Yep, I’m there again. Living on the edge. I was trying to pinpoint the problem. Robb pointed out I took a fall, and my knee is STILL covered in bruises from it. I don’t want to blame the fall, but perhaps that is it. Perhaps I did something, or maybe it’s simply that I just don’t heal as fast, and my tissue is more susceptible to damage. I thought back over the last year or so and I have taken FOUR significant falls. Falls that have resulted in significant bruises to my shins and knees. Still I press on.
I tell one of the most significant ladies in my life that self care if so important, that you have to remember to give your body what it needs, or it will take what it wants when you aren’t planning on it. So I keep pushing along, trying to listen to my body. So how does this relate to working out? Well, Way back when I started this lifestyle shift, getting healthy, eating better, making the right choices more than the wrong ones, I started at the YWCA, it was a good place for me, close to home, and it worked, my body responded. I switched when I changed jobs, and that change didn’t agree with my body. The change in machines and the lack of the pool killed my body. What did I do, well I reverted to old behaviors, that hadn’t been working that led to the change. Now I am in a better place.
I cannot sing the praises of the YMCA I am at now enough. While I don’t love that it takes so long for me to get there, especially with gas prices the way they are, I am making that investment in myself. While I don’t love that there are kids in the vortex when I am trying to get my workout on during the week… it is made all the better by Sunday Mornings when it is ADULTS ONLY, if I had a different job where I worked normal hours I would totally be taking advantage of the adults only evening hours to get my workout on as well. What a simple but smart idea that I wish the YWCA would have had. I can’t even begin to explain the endless frustration I experienced “fighting” with the aquatics staff to get the bullying that was going on to stop. Teenage boys would actually try and bully me when I would workout in the pool. I was intentionally kicked and splashed in the deep end of the pool. I was jumped in on top of, it was a very negative experience at times.
So right now I am trying my best to listen to my body when it comes to working out. I want so very desperately to be like everyone else and just be able to pick up and go for a run, or answer the pleas of friends to be their gym company, but sadly it isn’t in the stars for this girl right now. It likely wont be in the stars for me anytime. Running seems to disagree with my body. It doesn’t make me a failure, it just means I have to find a different activity.
I will keep pushing forward with what I can do.
Babysteps are still steps. I just have to keep moving, even when it hurts.

2 thoughts on “Working Out.

  1. You’ll get there my friend. Of that, I have no doubt. Have you had your knee x-rayed? I ask, because I had an injury about ten years ago, and neglected it. The result? I will likely have knee replacement surgery before the age of 50. Yuck. Take care of you.

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