Hoop De Do!!!

So yesterday I was feeling mighty crummy.  Between my fibro, and my ehlers-danlos I don’t want to move.  Work stress isn’t making my life any easier, I can only imagine that some of the pain in my shoulders and back is due to the “weight” upon my shoulders which included coming into work to fix a crisis over the weekend.  I received much thanks from my customer for my efforts, however not even a thanks from my boss.  :/ Makes me feel like crap, makes me wish I didn’t care so much, but that is who I am.  The shipment I worked on after my bedtime on Saturday night was something near and dear to my heart, and I would not change what I did.  I just wish I could feel better.

My weight continues to fluctuate right around 300 pounds.  I am not happy with it.  The option of surgery lingers in my mind, lingers as a last resort, teases me with its simplicity, I would finally know for sure hunger.  I do what I need to do, and the progress is slow, I would SEE progress with surgery.  However I truck along on the bumpy path where I fight to find satisfaction.  I know I can do anything, you can do anything.  There are answers out there for all of us.

Yesterday was set to be one of my gym days, with my chronic pain I fight to keep a set schedule, I made myself go to the gym with the intention to just soak for a short while.  I wanted/needed the heat to try to get the muscles in my body to relax.  I put my headphones on and sunk into the hottub for just a little while.  The heat is dangerous for my E-D.  It makes my joints more lax and prone to injury.  So I took my whole time slow.  While getting dressed I saw a woman with the shiniest pretty hula-hoop! If you know me, you know I love glitter and sparkles.  I joke that I am a five-year old kid, but in every joke there is a grain of truth. I am a grown up kid.  Do you remember my post about why we have to workout instead of play?

I commented on how much I liked the look of the hoop to my fellow locker room woman, and she told me she makes them.  It was like fate had taken hold and pushed me into the gym yesterday because even though I didn’t work out, I met someone amazing!

I would like to introduce you all to someone amazing!  Her name is Theresa she blogs over at <a href=”http://hoopwoman.wordpress.com/”&gt; Hoop Woman She is a motivational speaker!  She is a Hooper!  I have been intrigued by hooping for a long time but I think I am just too big to hoop.  In my mind I have the Your Momma jokes in my mind about a hulahoop being a belt.  I think about my size 32/34 pants and how big I was and how far I have come and think… someday I want to try it.

We chatted a bit about all kinds of things and Oh My Goodness, Theresa is Amazing and we seem to have very similar outlooks on so many things!  Turns out she is a Ted Talks speaker!  She showed me some of her hoop skills, and I was amazed.  If you have some time please check out her talk! http://youtu.be/OgZVRV7jqWc

I left the gym feeling like I had been put there by the universe for a reason.  A reminder that I just need to keep going, that just like I tell everyone else not to give up, I must not give up.  I keep pressing forward to be amazing, to do amazing things.  I am on the right path, it just takes time for things to get into the right places.

I am a puzzle cube, you have to keep turning the puzzle around, sliding pieces back and forth, rotating the puzzle, trying things, and eventually the answer becomes clear, but you cant just give up or nothing will ever become of it.

I get it universe.  Thanks for the reminder… and thanks for the new friend!


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