Breaking free of the three’s

So last week I weighed in at weight watchers and I about crapped myself. I was up four pounds! I was ready to kill myself. I took a step back and I realized okay Kris take a deep breath you are spiraling into that negative bad space again. Yes progress isn’t happening the way you wanted it to, but you have been fighting a lot of circumstances you cannot control.
What can you control? What do YOU think is not working for you. What is it that you like about Weight Watchers, what are you paying for, what is it that you need. Well I know that one of the things I need is the weekly accountability. I need someone else to weigh me in, having a scale at home that I can weigh in all the time on leads to bad things. I like the meetings, I am good at tracking. These are keys to Weight Watchers.
I sat down and looked at my food log, and saw something glaringly obvious. Not about last week, I was fairly confident that last week was mostly related to water weight, I am still eating too much food. These zero point foods are going to be the death of me. The fact that fruits and veggies are zero points, still fails me. They are good choices, I am capable of making those good choices. I in fact make those good choices, over and over again. I am making those choices too much.
This last week I have started a full scale nutrient tracking with Lose It! the way I lost the large chunk of my weight before. I plugged in my 1500 calorie target which is what I was using before when I got to 250. I discussed with Robb and he agrees with my current weight my target with WW is probably some where near 2000 calories a day, which for me is set too high. I have a slow metabolism and my body isn’t built to process calories as efficiently as others. So all week long I ate well, meaning I ate good foods, mostly. There was a pizza night after I had to take o. The responsibility at work of an inventory recount which entails a lot of squatting,kneeling and bending that puts my body into a flare if I don’t take the proper precautions. I overate one or two nights. Y a little bit. The nice part about nutrient tracking as opposed to just calorie tracking is I have the fat carbs and protein and I can just plug that info into my weight watchers app and see how many points I am eating. Mostly I was a bit under my target for the day, the days I was over I was not surprised. What makes this different? Well, this negated the idea of the zero point foods. I am under no assumption in eating the fruits and veggies that they are free, and I do not consume them as such, however I think with my body being as sensitive as it is to so many things they need to be accounted for and I perhaps just need that sense of control.
This week I weighed in and had lost the previous weeks FOUR pound gain plus some putting me back under 300 pounds. This is progress. Progress not perfection. I needed to see the two’s again. I saw them during the early stages of weight watchers, then all the stuff went wrong with my back and well, drugs, and no movement just leads to a fat unhappy person. I don’t want to be fat and unhappy, I want to be the old me.
I am coming back to the old me slowly. When I hurt too much to work out I still go to the gym, even if it is just to soak in the pool for a while. I figure if I am still there, it is better an not going at all. I will still move my arms and legs around a bit in the water right? I wish that there were some magic answer, a magic bullet, some pill or plan someone to tell me, do this the weight will come off and then just keep doing this, but it is slow. There is something to be said for working hard at what you want.
I am excited for spring to arrive, or warmer weather at least. I am inking it will be nice to be able to perhaps walk to Minnehaha Falls after work, or around the lake, without the fear of falling on ice. I am hopeful that perhaps I will start walking to the local co-op after work to grab an item or two then back to work before heading home for the day. So who knows!

One thought on “Breaking free of the three’s

  1. I like this idea – WW worked for me but no food is free of calories (ok, except for maybe celery). I’ve just started using MyFitnessPal and I’m gaining a new awareness. I’m glad you are too ❤

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