To thine own self be true

I was deeply touched over the weekend by a dear friend of mine, who said something very poignant to me. We spoke briefly about a number of topics, catching up in a rapid fire session that ended with a very heartfelt compliment that really touched me. Even though I have struggled with my weight loss and she is very aware of this, and has faced her own struggles, she told me that she admires the way that I honor my body in my choices to give it good food. I in general tend to order wholesome good for you food, and treat my body as a temple, not like a disposable, trashcan or amusement park as I once did.
For example this weekend I ordered Egg whites and a side of bacon, which I did not finish. I opt for a salad or fresh fruit instead of toast or taters, water instead of juice. I honor the hard work that I have done. I certainly would LOVE to indulge in biscuits and gravy, or a waffle with whipped cream, some kind of syrupy sauce, or even a Bloody Mary at this point I will take my treats in the form of planned indulgences.
I have been being taunted for the last, oh I dunno, 2 weeks by a Unicorn Poop cupcake from Nadia’s Bakery in Maple Grove, MN It is a once a year confection made from rainbow cake and it just looks too cute. However it is $5.00 and is a 30 minute drive for me to get! It is available once a year. You would think I would make a concession to allow myself this one confection, but I have become too focused on this cupcake. I have decided that this is not acceptable. No Unicorn Poop. Perhaps next year, but not this year.
Tonight after work I made myself some cupcakes after work, 1 box of yellow cake mix, 1 can of crushed pineapple, 1 egg white. mix together bake as the box suggests. Voilia! Cupcake goodness. Tomorrow I will grab cool-whip and coconut from the store and make them Pina Colada cupcakes but tonight they filled that need. Nothing fancy but I hope that this stops the obsession.
I am happy to honor my body with the right foods, I am happy to inspire others to order the right foods. I am happy to help guide others to better for you choices when we are out to eat, but I never force anyone to order something.
Lead by example. Live your best life. I am just one girl, what kind of difference could I make? Well I won’t know unless I try… and if I can make a difference in my own life, does it even matter?

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