Congrats! You’re Fat!

So yesterday I went to a sports medicine clinic at the University of Minnesota and had quite possibly one of the single most unpleasant experiences of my life. I was perfectly pleased as punch to find out they had Saturday hours, for someone that works the kind of hours in a high stress job this is amazing! I can’t leave work to go to an appointment in the middle of the day without it causing havoc. I arrived early as instructed. my 0915 appointment, I arrived at 0855, they said 15-20 minutes early. I sat around filling out my medical history, for which there are never enough lines, I filled out my medicine list, including dosage and time of day taken, because I can recite that from memory. I know these things, they are ingrained in me, living with illness this is why I am. Invisible illness, visibly medicated.
I waited till about 0940 before I was roomed, no biggie, it was Saturday. The guy who roomed me at the clinic was nice enough, promised me a sticker when I was done… because I spotted them on the counter and said I wanted one (which I didn’t get!) We went over the list of my meds which was already in the system since this is a place affiliated with all of my other stuff… no biggie. Yes It’s all right I was just at my PCP a few days before. I changed into my shorts between him leaving and Dr. Joseph P. Garry MD coming in. I have been through enough of these ortho visits to know that jeans are not what you wear to get an exam done unless you want to wear a gown.
Dr Garry came in, said hello sat down on his stool and started to read my chart. He was unfriendly, asked very few questions of me. I felt ignored. As he read through my chart, and the paperwork I had to fill out he seemed to almost be skeptical of my ehlers-danlos diagnosis, asking who did it and seened puzzled as to why it was so late in my life that I was diagnosed, and why I was diagnosed at the childrens hospital in MN. I tried to provide info and he seemed to be in his own world. I thought perhaps he was onto something… I thought wrong.
I hopped up on the table, he looked at my foot, pressed on the heel where the pain is, ignored the swelling in my leg, said yep that is. PF, of course it hurts, (i swear he rolled his eyes!) I’ve apparently never been cured of it and now need formal PT instead of the at home work we did when it got better. Thats all good, but what about the swelling in my leg, yes thats from that… uhh ok.
He then pressed on all the spots on my back, tender spots for fibro, tender spots for other reasons, I mentioned the widows hump that I have, he ignored that saying it was because I was overweight. He sat back at his computer, pulled up an abdominal ct I had dome in 2010(!!!) said my spine looked fine despite some mild scoliosis (which even I didn’t know about! add this to the list of stuff I found out in the last week about that ct, apparently I had tiny kidney stones too). He never asked me more details about my job. Yes I work as a dispatcher, but my duties include pulling parts in a warehouse, and carrying fucking heavy ass boxes, totes and on occasion bodies! He said all of my back problems are soft tissue and the only option I have is to lose weight. Seriously that is my treatment plan? His suggestion, gastric bypass ASAP. Also, get off of the Topamax, and my other fibro meds and start lyrica, which has HUGE weight gain side effects. He told me Topa has huge weight gain side effects as well. He said that it is my weight that is causing these problems.
I guess I want to know why I didn’t hurt like this at 400+ pounds. I want to know why I didn’t get any new films ordered it has been 3 years since those were taken, I’ve been in a car accident since then, and I was a full on delivery driver during that time. Shit changes. This guy, in my opinion failed to look at the big picture that there is a potential problem.
How about a suggestion of a breast reduction to take some of the pain off of my neck/upper back? The 40H/HH that I am carrying around simply can’t be lost with weight loss… since I lost weight they got bigger I went from a DDD to a bigger size…
I left feeling very defeated, I didn’t cry till I got to the car. I regrouped sent my closest friends a text and let them know that it was a waste of my time. It truly was, I hate that nothing really truly came from this except more determination that there are too many fat-phobic doctors out there.
Treat the whole fucking person… there has to be something out there that can be dome to relieve the pain, My PCP and I are going to look into acupuncture while the idea of WLS is now weighing heavily in the back of my mind.
Is that what it is going to take to get them to start treating me like a whole person? I may just go to such lengths at this point because I am just tired of fighting.
What more is there that a person can do?

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