Still Sick?!

The last few days I have felt as though I have been hit by a train!  I am still down with the sickness I spoke of so many times on my blog.  Remember that sinus infection I was battling back at Thanksgiving, the one they gave me meds for?  Yeah, it still lingers on.  I saw an ENT Specialist this past week, and it turns out it’s more serious that they thought.  So now I am on some wicked-awful super-strong antibiotics (levaquin) to try and knock it out.  Flying with a sinus infection, not something I haven’t done before… but not something on the top of my super fun to do list.

So this week I have my yearly physical to deal with, where we will hopefully address the weigh gain, and have a “discussion” about that “wonderful” sports medicine doctor I saw.  I still have no PT orders for that plantar fasciitis, which means the pain continues to get worse, and is truly holding me back from doing the things that I want, or NEED to do.

Over the weekend a few of my friends did the Minneapolis Marathon as a relay team.  I admire them so much for this!  Manda took on the first 8 miles on her own! How awesome is that! I cannot imagine being able to run for 8 miles! Hell, at this point I’d settle for walking 8 miles.  I cheered the team along the way.  There was a lot of walking, a lot of hard pavement and I am sore as hell.  I have iced my foot down, rolled it, stretched it and it hurts! The rest of me hurts too, and I can’t pinpoint if it is the antibiotics, the fibro, if I just overdid it or what but I really hate this.

I do know I dislike how  much weight I have regained.  Something has got to change.  The photos of the best moments I am sharing with my friends I want to hide away in a drawer.  Yes I look happy, because my spirit and soul is happy but I am sad when I look at them because I have let myself go… in as much as I am no longer in the gym for hours a day anymore.  There just isn’t the time to do that these days.  Not to mention I am freakin hungry all the time.

I have a consult with the weight clinic again that apt is next week, I will post all about that when it happens.  Big things are shaking out on this end.  However my eyes right now are on the prize of Fitbloggin.  My Vacation to Portland.  I need to get out of my headspace for a while and just relax.  I am excited to meet the people whose stories I have read, who share some of the same challenges I face.

I waffle about my decision to actually go to the conference, but I know I am going to have fun.  I just need to get there and start doing stuff.

So look for me!!! I’ll be the one that looks like this!!


3 thoughts on “Still Sick?!

  1. I loooooooove the idea of doing a relay team for a marathon. What a fun way to get the marathon experience.
    I hope you start feeling better soon. I know how it feels to not know what it feels like to not be sick. Hopefully the meds start to work.

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