headed to fitbloggin

So today is the day! I fly off into the sunset… Well it isn’t the sunrise for sure… Either way I am off to Portland! I a kind of on the fence about the event right now to be honest. Mostly I think it is my anxiety, I think because this is my vacation I am worried I will stress my way through it and it will all have been for naught.
I am excited to go see my cousin while I am out west. I have not seen Eva since I was probably about 15, or that is the best we can recollect. We have both had a lot of bumps in the road since then. I am actually blowing off the farewell ceremony Saturday night and heading out to see her and sleepover! I can’t believe it’s been so long, she and I have gotten much closer over the last few years, and I am so blessed to have reconnected with her.
I am looking forward to meeting a few bloggers at FitBloggin. I am also looking for some motivation and input as I am on the fence on a few things regarding where my journey is going to go from here.
Either way I am going to have a good time, and I can’t wait to get there!

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