Dreams Come True


People say dreams don’t come true, well they are wrong! This year for my birthday I said I wanted a unicorn. I was very obstinate like the 5 year old that I am and guess what! I got my unicorn. You may think it is silly but given all the shit that I have actually been through in my life the fact that I can say I got my wish, my dream come true for my birthday actually makes me cry. I have the best family on the planet and I am not afraid to tell each and every one of them that they hold the most special place in my heart.
This whole weekend has been so magical for me, and on the heels of everything at Fitbloggin, to have the same feeling of being surrounded by people that just get you it just, it is an amazing thing and I just… i am so very fortunate to have found the right people to be in my life.
Yesterday I was surrounded by some of the most important and influential people in my life, from the farmers market to brunch to a bbq dinner and it just rocked my world. I hold these people and the memories of turning 32 in my heart.
On that note, i will continue to not grow up act like a kid dream big, live bigger, be kind to strangers, give the benefit of the doubt, and be myself.
I love you all! ❤
Fitbloggin recaps to come one I am done celebrating living!

6 thoughts on “Dreams Come True

  1. Aw. I just love this post and I LOVE your attitude! The world would be a little bit happier if everyone got more in touch with the kid indside.

    Love you!

    • Fo sho! I think adults need nap time, coloring books, and more fun in general. We live lives that are too stressed and it kills us without a doubt! I can’t wait to break out my new coloring book that I brought back from Rockaway beach, or (updates coming I promise) and buy a new box of crayons and have at it. It keeps us young and keeps our spirit fresh!

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