The end of the levaquin levaQueen is in sight! Just filled the pill case for the week and Friday will end the 42 days of antibiotics, for that nasty freakin sinus infection that has plagued me since Thanksgiving, and hopefully the healing of the mega pain in my legs from the medication will begin!
It has been so hard the last month an a half or so since I started on the levaquin to cope with the major pain in my legs from the medication. It is uncomfortable to sit, or stand or walk, the side effects of the medication are mega-scary! Risks include tendon rupture, which when coupled with my ehlers-danlos make for a very risky combo, but the doctor assured me this was my best course of action.
I have not slept well in weeks, I get out of bed and I can barely stand, I struggle to walk, however I am impressed with how well I did in Portland. I have not been able to workout, I was not suposed to do that Zumba class that I feel changed me to the core, but I coudln’t not do it, I had to risk it, and as we can see it was worth it… I moved slower than everyone, knew I was out of step but like everything else in my life I got there… So with not working out I feel horrible about myself. I cry in pain at night after sucking it up all day long. I am just so tired. Depression is trying to creep in over this, but the light is there at the end of this tunnel right now.
I am hopeful that the pain I am currently feeling in my legs is related to the medication. As i stated Friday will end the 42 days of treatment for this infection, I will give my body one week to start its recovery from the possible tendon rupture side effects and then, I will be jumping back into the gym hard…
When you have to choose your hard, and everything is hard, then you just have to roll the dice and jump in with both feet and I think right now It is time to jump back in because when nothing changes nothing changes and something has to change again.

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