Sunday Silliness

So for much of my life I prefer to be the one behind the camera. I am pretty awesome at the “selfie” many of the photos of me are in fact selfies. I think many bloggers live this way and I think it is awesome.
Much of my life I hid in the shadows, away from the camera, and I’ll be honest the camera still on occasion makes me nervous. I’ll stick my tongue out make funny faces etc etc and you know what it can make for some fun memories. I live a life of laughter… as I have said time and again.
I love to laugh, and I love to bring smiles and laughter to others. Truly there is no better medicine out there than laughter, I feel it is akin to exercise. It heals the body, it helps the spirit, it brings you to life.
I love photos, and photography. I love capturing a memory. I want to be a part of peoples memories, I don’t want to be invisible and my friend, or rather Big Brother Sean Berry has done some amazing work of capturing me in some very raw bare-souled moments. Meaning you can truly see me as I am…
Today I share with you… one from my friend Corryns Wedding because we all need to be reminded that life is too serious and we need to laugh more…


4 thoughts on “Sunday Silliness

    • I love you too hon, and miss you so much. While I can find a dozen things I hate about myself in the photo, I love that it is more me than anything else 🙂
      The playful, fun, silliness. The simple laughter, the one that wants to bring joy to to everyone.
      Baby steps, focusing on the good not the bad.

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