Training Day!

So guess what? I am training for my virtual run.  Yep, I have resigned myself to the fact that I can’t compete in or complete traditional races due to the obstacles that I face.  Uneven terrain, the pavement, risking falling, the pounding on my knees, it’s all too much.  However I have discovered my love of medals.  I have my Happy5k medal hanging proudly on my wall.  The one I did in the water.

I think I am in love with the idea of virtual races probably for the same reason I am in love with the online community in general.  It’s super supportive, you get a sense of community and you still get to do it your way.

I am currently signed up for the *gasp* There are 3 options, 5k 10k and 13.1mi.  Since there is no pressure, I am going for the half marathon.  You can do it however you want, walk, run, bike Just do it! I have discovered that the recumbent elliptical is super great for my joints! I am currently able to do about 6 miles in a 30 minute session on there before having to really push myself mentally, as opposed to 2 miles on the traditional one before my knees start hurting from the hyper-extension.

I may even make it a mini-tri and break it into a bike/swim/run distance.  At this point I am trying to find ways to make my activity more about fun and less about working out.  (it’s why I got my hula hoop right?) So why not find a fun way to make it happen!

The thought of “training” for something seems daunting especially with my schedule the way it is.  So much of my time is spent at work, and trying to maintain my relationships, and making sure I sleep, and eat right that I just need a goal to keep working towards.  If I stumble its okay… I can take 2 or 3 days to “cross the finish” and I wont be judged.

Are you involved in any virtual races?  Before I signed up for this one I looked at the Dr Who race, but since I don’t really watch the show much it didn’t hold that much interest for me, but I am looking for some more options.  Share with me!


4 thoughts on “Training Day!

  1. Hi! I’ve been looking for fellow blogger who are running like me ! I am doing a virtual half marathon too! I’m freaked out haha. Never ran a race ever, but I’m excited. I am also running for a cause! This great charity, Amman Imman , has 18 runners in the Marine Corps Marathon (Oct 27). So in spirit of their hard work I will run near where I live. We call it the “Solidarity Challenge”–to challenge yourself and give back. Our charity helps bring water to a part of Africa (the Azawak near Niger), where people have to sometimes walk a marathon a DAY just to find any water (not even clean). Since you are already training, maybe you could consider signing up too? We use first giving to fundraise. To sign up go here :

    If not, no big deal! Nice to find another runner! Take a look at my blog, I write about my silly training haha!

  2. I just discovered virtual races and signed up for 2 of them. The Home Sweet Home from Sarah Scott and the Top Gun one… cause its my FAVORITE movie! =)

    I love that you’re finding a way to do this your way. That’s what its all about!

    • I only actually recently saw most of Top Gun for the first time, it wasn’t bad. I saw a virtual race with a Rainbow Dash finisher medal I REALLY wanted to sign up but it was closed. I suppose google will soon become my very best friend… I suppose Facebook probably has a large community of virtual races too 🙂

  3. I will be putting on a Virtual 5k to raise money for the National Fibromyalgia Association… Hopefully in the next week or two!
    I’ll be posting it to the Facebook site called ‘Virtual Runs!’ & will have a web page & a Facebook Event page. (Haven’t set it up yet, but hopefully this weekend)
    I hope you’ll join us!!

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