8 Years.

*looks around*

Time sure does fly. It is strange to be in the pilots seat of ones own life. Whether we believe that we each control our lives or not destiny or chance, choice, free will it’s not up for debate here. I am in the pilots seat of my life.


This weekend marks 8 years since I moved here. Eight years of struggle to find my way into the drivers seat, trying to steer this thing called life onto the road I want it on. I suppose as long as I am heading somewhat in the direction I want to go I am ahead of the game… Right? Keep it between the navigational beacons as it were.

I look upon this weekend as a celebration of how much my life has changed since I moved here. A way to rekindle my life, the fire of passion I had for my relationships, the budding start of a new life. The world of unknown. I am actually working on branching out into a new life. Looking for new opportunity to test my limits, find my strengths and see what is out there for me. I long for a change.

I will find it… I found a home here, I stumbled into the drivers seat, managed to right the out of control car I was in and it has only just begun!
Look out world because maybe just maybe the next 8 will bring me somewhere even more crazy!

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