Behold the Power of Seeds!

Watermelon season is coming to a close, autumn is rolling into Minnesota. The leaves are changing colors, starting to fall some trees are even bare already! The colors that used to be so bright and vibrant at the farmers market have become shades of tan, brown and orange. Fall is arriving. I am sad to see my Farmers market close date nearing, my Saturday ritual of going and seeing my regular vendors, and meeting new ones will soon end. Sharing my knowledge with them and learning from them as well will be put into storage with my shorts until next year.

Out come the pumpkin spiced everythings, the autumn smells linger in the air. This draws me back to the roots of indoor shopping. I don’t spend as much time in grocery stores during summer months as I do in the winter. The produce, while of quality, just isn’t as flavorful as the stuff I get from the farmers themelves. I made a trip recently to Costco for some things and was SUPER THRILLED to spot one of my favorite treats there.

Do you remember me doing a giveaway a while back for Somersault Snacks? The delightful sunflower seed snack that I discovered at a local, expensive, grocery store? Anyway Costco is now carrying these in “Costco size bags”… this smells like disaster right? The awful bag of doom syndrome? Actually because these have as much protein as a serving of almonds, with about half the fat (and fewer calories) I find myself satisfied with a serving and able to just shut the bag even without having to portion them out!

To my delight this awesome product, that I adore and share at many bring a dish or item to share parties, has gone mainstream it seems. The team over at Somersault contacted me last week to let me know that their products are now not only available at Costco but also available at Target!!! Hello Target, my love, my obsession. I live in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 (lakes) Targets. This is awesome news for me! Why do I like bringing this as an item to share? How about the fact that they are NUT FREE and the cinnamon crunch ones (my favorite ones) are VEGAN, contain NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETNERS and are DAIRY FREE (ok I like to serve them with a goat cheese at parties but still)! For those that are concerned about GMO’s the product is also certified NON-GMO.

There is so much stuff in the news about antioxidants being so important for your body, and fat being a key building block for your body, well this has the good fats! Seeds of all kinds might just be the key to unlocking what our bodies need! As many readers know I have some inflammatory conditions, among other things and it is being shown that sunflower seeds are carrying anti-inflammatory properties, as well as something that calms the muscles!! How cool is that! Have you ever craved something? As a kid I would chow down on bags of sunflower seeds, you know the bags of the salted kind in the shell. Spitting the shells into the woods or wherever in our big grassy lawn. In my office now the guys chew seeds and spit into old bottles. I wonder what their bodies are craving, because no one can have an open bag of seeds without sharing, and the same goes for when I bring out the Somersaults! Everyone loves them!

There truly is a flavor for every taste Pacific Sea Salt is probably the most neutral of them all… Salty Pepper reminds me of the Salt and Pepper Potato chips I fell in love with on the east coast. I have never found a suitable replacement here in the midwest (and thats perfectly ok!!). There is the zesty Santa Fe Salsa which is a great topping (or at least I think so ) for a salad. Then there are what I like to call the dessert gems… the Dutch Cocoa, which is great if you love chocolate, and the gem of the bunch, the first one I ever tried, the one I love… their newest flavor the Cinnamon Crunch. It is the perfect amount of sweet and savory to dance and flip on your tounge!

Have you ever heard of Somersaults? I had seen them at Caribou Coffee many times before I actually tried them… I didn’t know what they were, and I was scared to try them. They come in a variety of sizes, and if you’re afraid of that big costco sized pack, or even the multi-serving bags in general Target is selling multi packs so you won’t even have to portion them out yourself! Just grab and go!


I keep some in my desk, I keep some in my car, I keep some in my purse… I have eaten them at the movies, on the phone, waiting for the doctor when they were a few hours behind. They keep for months! So I encourage you to go out and try them… I also encourage you to leave a comment on this post if you have or haven’t tried this awesome product… because you just might receive an email from me, I do like to share afterall!!


3 thoughts on “Behold the Power of Seeds!

  1. I have actually never tried these, though they have been on my Amazon wish list for a while now. I love finding a new healthy snack to try that I can keep with me at all times.

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