The Saga Continues

So when last we checked in with my eating habits I told you all I was doing Nutrisystem. I shared some photos of my food, and a few short words about the cuisine. Sadly you wont be seeing anything further about that program here, at least not for a while. I have had to throw in the towel. It isn’t because the program doesn’t work, because it did, I was losing weight, the food was edible. I still have some left in my freezer, and a box on the shelf, that I will likely give to my friends that expressed an interest in the program. What I have left is the leftovers from my last order the was stuff I really liked and a few things that I was on the fence about.

So why am I changing again? I mean honestly all this blog seems to be anymore is “I am not making progress, I am trying this, it didn’t work lets try something else. Whine, Complain, Restart” but at least I have the tenacity to keep trying. This time it is a medically motivated switch. I am still trying to combat a sinus infection, there is a chance that this is the very same infection I have had since November, having never fully cleared out… there is also a chance this is a new one… meaning I didn’t even make it 3 months without a new sinus infection… and 2 weeks of antibiotics didn’t clear it up the first time.

I am embarking on trying to eliminate as much wheat and dairy from my diet as possible… heading towards possibly ending up dairy free and wheat free. As the girl who is affectionately known as the YogurtGuru by her friends, being able to tell you which yogurts are on sale at what markets for how much on any given week, and the benefits of yogurt, also the differences between types this hurts to the core. I may venture to Whole Foods this weekend during my shopping and check out what kinds of dairy free yogurt they have. I miss my Yogurt, however I have been trying not to just make substitutions. I have been trying to make actual behavioral and food changes with this. I gave up caffeine a few weeks ago, and my first though was, I’ll just start drinking decaf coffee everyday. Instead I switched to a 3liter water bottle that goes to work with me every morning. I will indulge in a decaf coffee but not a large, and not everyday, no more than once a week. I am trying to focus on eating protein, organic/natural carbs (by organic/natural I mean things like veggies and fruit not “organic” as in how it’s grown but not processed from a box. I had a bit of rice today, and I had a small biscuit yesterday but that was it as far as non vegetable carbs for the week. I am trying not to be too strict with myself.

I just want to feel better, I need to stop being sick all the time so that I can start working on my fitness level again. I feel my body becoming weaker as time moves on. I know that I am still getting a bit of a workout by helping pull parts and load trucks at work however it isn’t the same and I don’t feel as good when I am not working out. It’s all a balance and a puzzle. So I am sliding the pieces around again… not happy to be giving up my beloved dairy. Perhaps it won’t be forever… If i can get my body back into fighting form I will feel better. Then again, if eating this way makes me feel better then maybe, just maybe this will be what my body craves.
So thats it from where I sit…
Never give up… never surrender!

One thought on “The Saga Continues

  1. Hey Kris too bad that nutrisystem didn’t work for you, but honestly most programs like that are too restrictive to succeed, long term anyway. I like your new plan to stick with the fruit and veggies, add in some nuts (walnuts, almonds etc) and you should start feeling better.

    Also if you are giving up the dairy try switching to almond milk (you’ll get used to it) it has way less calories and none of the saturated fat that cow’s milk has.

    Hang in there and remember if you feel hungry…eat!

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