One Month Later… the missing posts.

It’s been a month since I last posted… It feels… distant. I keep saying to those around me I need to blog. I need to write, I need to let my mind be free to wander even if there isn’t anything to be said. There is lots to be said. I feel… a world of difference. I need to put this in writing somewhere so that I remember that I need to eat like this to feel better. While I don’t know what the scale is actually doing right now… I weighted myself right at the beginning of the switch I have hidden it away as to not stress over what this change was going to do to me.

I am now dairy and gluten free. about 99.9% of the time. I occasionally am indulging in a small amount of whey protein to boost my protein content, but no lactose, no cheese, no milk, no butter, no yogurt. No wheat, no gluten. for those that know me, this is a major shift to my eating. I sustained myself on yogurt and cheese for a good portion of my adult life. My fridge was a dairy lovers dream. Butter, cream, yogurts, cheeses in fact, there is still string cheese, and a few other cheeses sitting in my fridge waiting to hit the bin. The gluten thing, well… I am not someone that has ever been a super huge bread lover, or a pasta fiend so that has been the easier portion of things.

The most difficult challenge has been navigating menu’s, which is easily solved by just eating at home, or bringing my own food places. (I did this for Thanksgiving again this year and was confident in my decision. BYOF is the only way I will be doing holidays at other peoples houses from now on.) I am teaching Robb about how to shop for things that I can eat, obviously the product section is a safe place to pick things up for me in, and the dairy case is in general a place to avoid, along with most of the center isles. I laugh and tell him if it is labeled Gluten Free and Vegan it is likely safe for me to eat, but then we have to check for things that I have food allergies to like walnuts.

Years ago I saw a doctor for my fibromyalgia that suggested I give up gluten, this was during the same time i was seeing a weight loss doctor that was trying to save my life (when I was still close to 400 pounds). I was so overwhelmed at that time I knew I could not do both. I could not even think about trying to do one more thing while trying to track calories and do everything else. … I still cant think about it actually… So right now I am working on trying to find a balance with g/f d/f and losing weight. Finding ways to prepare food that I like to eat in ways that work.

As i said earlier I am feeling better, my clothes *i think* are fitting better. My sinuses are for the first time in forever running clear, and not running, until I am around the office dog, and a few other dogs, it seems to be selective and environmental then get all stuffed up, so progress is being made. I would love to be able to go six months without a round of antibiotics.

I am really doing my best to stay dedicated to this change, it is hard! I really miss my yogurt. I have tried a lot of the substitutes out there, almond, soy, coconut and none of them have been what I am looking for. I have for the most part tried not to just substitute for things with this change. I have tried to move outside the box and find new foods, and break patterns of eating to try and wake my body up so to speak. I wasn’t about to break tradition and go without stuffing for thanksgiving and did buy some GF DF bread and make stuffing, but I had a few plans for that if I wasn’t able to find something suitable, making it with roasted veggies as the base.

So yeah, that’s where i am at right now, it is the busy season at work… we are a company that operates 24/7/365 so as you can imagine this only exacerbates during the holidays. It’s great to see things coming to life, and I am enjoying the challenges this position brings to me, but I am looking forward to it slowing down a bit so that I can resume a life that involves the gym a little more. I am ready to get back to the grind… I have signed myself up for a series of 10 races in 2014 where I determine my distance plus I have 2 half marathons (that I plan to do in parts) to knock out. There are big things about to happen in my life… it’s time for this girl to earn some more stripes.

Happy Holidays Everyone! May you be warm and safe and find comfort and joy
with those that mean the most to you!

One thought on “One Month Later… the missing posts.

  1. I think it’s great that you have figured out what is right for you to eat to be healthy. Putting the scale away is probably one of the best decisions your going to have made. Once you take the pressure off the losing weight, and more on the getting healthy things just start to fall into place. Keep up the good work!

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