It Brings Life…

Friday… or maybe Saturday… I was at Starbucks of Riverside and 25th here in Minneapolis. It is a very crowded location… usually full of Somali cab drivers, hospital workers, and people in a hurry. I used to know my morning crew there by name, they knew me. They knew my order, even knew I would occasionally keep them on their toes and chance it up. With a nod Sam would start my usual when I came in that way it was ready to go by the time I was through the line.
Time has passed, he has moved on to bigger and better things. My Starbucks habit has dwindled as I have been squirreling away pennies for things like my wedding, my vacation, and moving into a better place. I make my coffee at home, with soymilk, sometimes with Torani syrups or sweetener. Its never as good… but it is coffee. I brew a pot almost every morning at work… sometimes decaf, sometimes flavored, sometimes just a dark roast. Just the smell is enough some days to put me in a better mood. Addicted… maybe a little bit… but that is what happens when you have your first solid memory of drinking coffee from a peter rabbit cup before school in second grade.
Anyway, I fought my way to a parking spot in the always crowded lot. The snowpack in the lot is severe, not that they don’t plow it’s just hard to plow around cars and the snow never stops. I smiled at a gentleman making his own parking spot, which would obscure my backing out in any normal fashion without much trouble. It’s of course okay, I try not to stress over such things anymore, too much stress over little uncontrollable by me things makes for trouble.He got out of his cab and smiled at me, much to my surprise.
I make it a habit to smile at people, it is contagious, or so I like to think. Even if someone doesn’t smile back at me, perhaps they will smile at the next person they see. He commented on what a beautiful day it was. I mentioned that I was happy that the sun was out and shining. The gentleman said that the sun is a valuable and important thing in this world and asked if I knew why. I paused for half a second hopped over a snow-booger and said of course! The sun is life, it brings life, and warmth and joy to so many things. He told me I was very wise, then insisted even though I was trying to hold the door for him that I go first.
I’ve been thinking on this all day, as we sit here being pelted by yet another snow storm. The cold weather and grey/white sky is killing spirits. I miss the sun, the warmth, the life it brings. I miss my Saturday morning trips to the farmers markets, and while I will soon be miserable from my allergies I miss the flowers. I bought a bouquet of tulips on Sunday afternoon and left them in the cart at Trader Joes with a note that said Have a Happy Day.
The Sun brings life, but so do small kindnesses. Holding doors, conversations with strangers, random acts of kindness. Forgiveness of those who have wronged us, forgiveness of ourselves for wrongdoings. Be gentle with yourself, be kind to one another. It is said time and again that we are all fighting a battle, and we may never know another persons struggle. I suppose I am getting soft in my “old age” and by soft I simply mean wiser and more aware. More aware of everything. Living within my heart, being more in-tune to the hum of the universe, listening to what my body asks of me.
All the pieces that I try and work on individually, all the pieces that don’t fit, they all hum together… and the sun… it will awaken everything… eventually.

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