Then She Jumped

That’s right folks, no more waiting for the train… I have jumped. I am no longer with my former employer. I gave my notice at my last job on Monday March 3, 2014. I worked 50 hours that week with the company. It was a long week, filled with a lot of surprising things coming to light. I never knew just how much of an impact I had on the lives of some of my coworkers there. I am sad to leave behind some truly great people there. I will miss my drivers, who in my mind were my family. It was however time. I tried to get some one on one time with a few of the guys whom I had come to know better than others. My departure was sudden, almost as though the universe said, now or never. Shocked and stunned I tried to keep my secret from spreading through the workplace the first few days, but before long everyone knew and I was training in my replacement.
I found joy in training my replacement. My joy was not due to the fact that I was getting out of there, though moving forward did make me happy. I found that passing my knowledge onto someone else was something that I loved! As I passed on my secrets to success I felt things breaking apart inside of me, I was freeing myself from all of the feelings that I had been stuffing down inside from the last several years.
I spent all of last week working two jobs. I would work 3 hours every morning training my replacement, then head off to my new job and spend 8 hours a day there. So I had gone from a 50 hour a week job, to a 55 hour week! Yikes!!! Want to know a secret? I felt better working those 55 hours (even if I was dead tired at the end of the day, and barely saw Robb) than I did when I was working 50 hours a week. Being a teacher to my replacement was amazing, and for the first time in the over two years I was at that job I was told I was doing a good job. People listened as I taught the newbie the ropes. He gobbled up the information that I trickled out at a pace adapted for the speed he was learning at. Each day we covered a little more material, and I would teach new tricks and tips. I let the struggle happen but I wouldn’t let it get so bad that anyone was drowning. I felt confident, and passionate about what I was doing. I finally was finding enjoyment in my job again… just in time to leave.
My new job is an amazing opportunity to learn in. I am working with a great team, and I am getting to do things that are challenging and new, but also things that I am passionate about. I am SO EXCITED! I have normal working hours, meaning I am not getting up at 3am anymore!! This is going to allow me to have more flexibility in doing things like getting a gym routine back into play that isn’t while I am running on fumes. There is a YMCA location not far from my work. I can’t wait to get this ball rolling and see where it takes me.
I just have to say thank you to all my friends that stood by me through all of the self-doubt and fear I had looking for a new job. I have to thank everyone for the confidence they have in me, and for showing me just how much more I was worth.
I will miss the relationships that I forged with customers and I will miss my drivers but they know how to reach me, and it is a two way street. After all this is the age of technology.

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