Crying During Bootcamp

So Monday morning I went to my very first Water Bootcamp. Many of you know that I have been a HUGE advocate of water aerobics for years. It dawned on me as I introduced myself to the other ladies of the morning class that I have been doing aquatic fitness classes for over 20 years now. I am so glad that I went Monday morning before work… little did I know I would end up crying during bootcamp.
October of this past year Margaret V. passed away. She was my water aerobics instructor here. She was an amazing woman. Thanks to my crazy schedule I hadn’t been to many of her classes in recent years, but she still managed to keep in touch with me. Word of her cancer, and her quick passing hit me, but not as hard as it should have. I wasn’t able to attend her memorial, but I have a book that sits on my bookshelf from her. So thats all good right? I moved on? I still think I will run into her at the store, I still think I am going to hear her laughter somewhere.
As the workout wound down memories started to fill my mind. I thought about her smile, and the sparkle in her eyes. I thought about her sassy attitude, and how welcoming she was. I thought about how she introduced me to her daughter because she was inspired by my dedication to my 5k’s. I thought about how sad I was that I had fallen off my path, not that I had given up, but that I had veered from what I loved. I thought about Margaret, and Buzz and how we would all yell hello as he walked past the pool. I thought about how she would talk about Chelsea and her grand-babies.
The tears pushed toward my eyes and I started to feel… I was feeling things I hadn’t really let myself feel before. I have taken a few water aerobics classes since Margaret’s passing, but nothing had connected quite like this class did. I am unsure why this class was different but it was. I can’t wait to go back, it will be my Monday, Wednesday, Friday tradition before work. I guess it will be my way of honoring my old Monday Wednesday tradition with Margaret while getting back into honoring myself.

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