A Swimmers Life

I do believe that I have officially returned to my “swimmers” life. I was sitting at Starbucks drinking my coffee and I could smell the chlorine on my skin. I showered and scrubbed after my Aqua Zumba class on Saturday morning. (Which by the way I LOVED!!)

I think it must be time to start investigating some new soap again. I have some tea tree soap from Trader Joes that I guess I might try.  I am unsure how to get the chlorine off of my skin. I suppose google will give me 1000 different answers but I was hoping maybe someone that reads my blog might have a “tried and true” product they love? I know I need to find a shampoo that gets the chlorine out. The UltraSwim I have been using is killing my hair. Too many Sulfites I guess.  I may just end up having to give up the coloring on my hair.  I know that sounds like a horrible though.  I mean, I just do it myself at home anyway.  It isn’t as if I am paying hundreds of dollars to have someone put color and highlights in my hair… heck I have issues paying to get my hair cut some days.  My hair is short, my color is important.  As I get older the grey becomes more apparent and I am not vain about it, it’s been there since I was 12… henna was my dye of choice at that age… and it was MESSY!!!

So I guess what I am saying is to the swimmers out there, aside from winning the lottery and being able to move somewhere with my own private water source, be it a body of water that is natural, or putting in my own with lighting to treat it in addition to the chemicals does anyone have any suggestions on chlorine removing shampoo or body products?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the smell of the chlorine… I kinda like it (does that make me weirder than I am?)  I just figure it can’t be good for my skin.

4 thoughts on “A Swimmers Life

  1. I can’t say that I have personal experience with this, but if you do a search for “chlorine removal shampoo” “chlorine removal body wash” on Amazon, a lot of options (with reviews) come up. Some are pricey, though. Maybe Google a home remedy? Or a swimmer’s cap?

    Happy you are back in the water, girlie!

    • Thanks Jenn! I will check I out! 😀 that is how I ended up using the Ultra Swim for my hair. It was fine for a long time and I suspect anything will be that way 🙂 maybe they have something that smells good… cuz we gotta smell good for boys right 😉

    • I will have to check out the Aveda stuff! I am so very happy to be back in the pool again. It is where I feel my best and nothing comes close to making me feel the way the water does. It is so healing for my body and my mind which can only oddly make my spirit feel at peace.

      Thanks for your help! 😀

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