Wedding Talk

Wow, things are starting to get real around here. My wedding invitations arrived a few weeks ago. Soon they will be stuffed, addressed and winging their way all across the United States. I have, until about a week or so ago, not been giving much thought to the whole wedding thing.
I was bopping along doing my own thing. I had decided long before all of this that I was not going to “lose weight for my wedding” I am continuing my process to get healthy. I have no issues with losing weight, but since I want to remain healthy for life I want to make sure I am not crash dieting.
I saw signs hanging up at the gym for “bridal boot camp” for the bride and her wedding party to get fit before you walk down the aisle. Give me a break. Seriously?! It makes me shake my head, why all the stress over what should be the happiest day of your life. I saw an article a while back about something very similar, about making sure you spend time with your friends, and laugh and have a good time, not just at the wedding but leading up to the wedding.
I am certainly not going to skip out of brunch with friends because I might not fit into my wedding dress… in fact… I have no wedding dress right now… I might not have a dress at all! I may show up at our wedding brunch that Sunday Morning in my blue jeans and my well worn Minnesota sweatshirt! I’ve had much laughter in recent months as I discover time with friends, and learn to make a life in my new job.
Now the pressure is building, because people want answers for things like, what hotel should I stay in. I can’t book a block of rooms because we don’t have enough people coming in for sure. People wanting to help, and me not being able to have things for them to do at this time.
My ultimate goal for the wedding is simple. I want to end up married at the end of the shindig. My secondary goal is to have an awesome brunch with the people that have shaped my life, and Robb’s life and our life together. Whatever does or doesn’t happen according to plan that day I can’t change. What I can change is what I see and feel.
I am learning the balance, seeking to find my place and leaning into the wind to find where I am going. Much like the chaos in the kitchen, or the fear of the scale, all things will pass. Letting the stress flow past like a river and knowing the photos of me will be of Kris being happy, not of Kris being skinny is what I am focusing on right now.

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