You get out of it…

You get you of it what you put into it.

Those words have been echoing through my head for more than a week.
If you interact with me on Twitter you have obviously seen that I am back at weight watchers. I just weighed in for the 12th time, since my initial weigh there I’ve lost 8.2 pounds. Since I started tracking with WW it’s closer to 15. I consider my progress so far a success. Last week I had a tiny gain (a .2 gain) this week I stayed the same.
For the past week my pool has been closed for cleaning. I had to find an alternative workout. I’ve taken to walking as much as I can. It hurts my feet. Even with my new shoes I can feel the plantar fasciitis becoming sore.
I also had a visitor in town last week, which meant the two weeks leading up to this were hormonal hunger food fests. I like to look at my weight as a two week process, so this weeks weight for me isn’t a true reflection of the last 7 days but of he last 2 weeks.
What have I been putting into the plan. I’ve had less exercise and far too many “zero point” fruits. I’ve been eating a ton of fruit salad to curb my “eat all the things” moments.
I know there are a lot of people out there that “work” thru programs and can’t figure out why things aren’t working. I have been faithfully tracking since I signed back up for weight-watchers. I’m doing everything I can I figure out what is going on with my body.
Becoming healthy, living a balanced life is a big process. Just like everything else in life if you want you have to go after it heels dug in. Mine were dug in eyes on the prize for a long time and I got worn out. I’m refocused again with a new mantra for myself. You get out what you put in. If you half ass things you get half ass results not half an ass. I want to be feeling good, looking happy. I want that sparkle back in my eyes and the spring in my step. I’m getting there and I want to bring everyone with me.
Are you committed to your health and happiness? What is your mantra of the moment?

One thought on “You get out of it…

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